chapter -20

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|the next day|

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|the next day|

|Daarika pov|

Yuhaan left Daarika alone in the prison after the past night incident.

Daarika who was sleeping hugging her knees woke up due to some shaking moments.

She looked at her maid, Aruhi who had a scared expression

"C-choti begum........" Her voice cracked

"What happened?" Daarika asked

"Today, y-you will be punished by sultan for trying to assassinate the s-sultan" she said

"Punishment??*laugh* it isn't the new thing I am seeing" she said and burried her head again in her knees. Aruhi was confused with her behaviour.

"Choti isn't Hind to give small punishments. Here , even for a small crime the punishment will be to much!" She said

Daarika doesn't reply. She was thinking about the bracelet which was burnt by Yuhaan

"Devil....." She mumbled

Suddenly the prison door opened and some guards came inside.

Aruhi stood up as they came in. Daarika looked at them.

"We were ordered by the sultan to bring you to the court" one guard said.

Daarika stood up and they dragged her out of the prison. Aruhi followed them with a scared face.

"Allah, please give a light punishment for choti begum....she is a kind hearted soul" Aruhi prayed silently.

|In court|

Yuhaan was playing with his Son, Ryan who was controlled by his master.

The guards dragged Daarika and made her sit on her knees infront of him.

Yuhaan looked at her and smirked seeing her state.

Daarika clenched her cloth in anger and embrassed.

Her eyes had no more emotions since she had cried so much yesterday.

The guards stood on the corners of the court after leaving her.

"Future queen of hind is sitting on her knees infront of me" he laughed

Daarika felt that it was too much for him to insult her.

"Or should I say  ly begum?" He said.
(My begum)

He stood up and came infront of her and kneeled down.

He cupped her face and made her look him. He had a smirk on his face seeing her weak eyes.

"I really love to see you in this state....." He said.

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