chapter -19

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Yamini was reading a book when someone entered the room.

"Mother....." She called her.

Yamini moved her gaze from the book to her daughter, Sarika.

"Father has invited that  b#tch Daarika and sultan Yuhaan for a stay in hind some days!" She said with anger filled in her voice.

Yamini stood up listening to her.

"I married her off in the place of you just because I want her away from my kingdom throne. She must not be here again, i won't let her come here again" yamini said.


|Daarika pov|

The guards dragged me and throwed me inside the prison.

"How dare you all?? I am gonna kill each of you when I am out!" Daarika yelled at the guards.

The guards didn't give a ear to her words and left her leaving her in the dark prison.

Daarika sighed and sat down in one corner of the prison.

Her eyes fell on the bracelet in her hand.

She touched the bracelet and thought of the moments she spent with her best friends, Rudra and Krish.


I was about to follow them when I felt someone gripping my  wrist

I looked up and saw him staring at me intensively which brought butterflies to my stomach and a my cheeks started burning.

I was about to ask him why he was holding my wrist when he took a small bracelet from his pocket and made me wear it.

"Go safely and come back Daarika.....i brought it for you. I.......i-i love you" he said and an moment I stopped breathing.

He took my hand and kissed at its back

"I love you from the bottom of the heart........" He said

I am struck........i smiled brightly and hugged him

"I love you too.......i thought only I was the one who had crush on you" i said.

He hugged me back and I can feel him smiling brightly

"Really........" He said.

After some minutes. We seperated ourself from our hug.

"I will be waiting for your return soon......" He said

|Flashback ends|

A tear fell from her eyes.

"Nothing is in my control now Krish........i think we are not mean for each other......." She sobbed.

Suddenly she heard some foot steps sound.
Daarika immediately wiped her tears and looked up and saw him standing infront of her.

He was looking at her and suddenly he bent to her level.
Daarika was glaring at him.

"Aioo i am so scared" he said

"Missing your lover?" He asked suddenly making Daarika shocked.

"Y-you heard everything?" She asked

"I didn't hear just fell in my ears........your words" he said

He suddenly cupped her jaws and said

"Sultan hate cheating....." He said and his grip got tightened.

"I hate cheating..... especially it's when my wife cheats me" he said

"From the moment I married you, either I love you or not, either I accept you or not. Your thoughts should be filled only about me not about your b#oody lover" he said and pushed her back.

His eyes fell on her bracelet. Daarika followed his gaze and looked at the bracelet in her hand.

"What do you want?' Daarika asked.

He gripped her hand and she resisted his grip.

"This wife should not have some other men memories" he said and pulled the bracelet from her hand forcefully making her wrist bleed.

"GIVE IT TO ME" she tried to get it from him but she couldn't get it from him.

"This thing should not exist" he said and suddenly he throwed the bracelet in the fire pyre near them.

Daarika's eyes widen and tears made its way.

"You!! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS' she ran to the fire pyre and tried to take it but it was burning along with the fire.

She was about to lean her hand inside the fire when Yuhaan pulled her away from the fire pyre.

"Are you dumb or crazy?" He asked pulling her.

She tried to push him but he was gripping her so tightly.

"Leave me! I said LEAVE ME! It was the last memory of us! You destroyed it..." He said and punched him on his chest.

He was looking at her crying state. From the day one of them together he had not witnessed her crying like this.

"Leave me!! Please" she begged him. He slowly let her get away.

She went near the fire and saw that the bracelet was almost melted.

It wasn't the bracelet which got destroyed but also her love

Tears fell from her eyes looking at the burning bracelet. Yuhaan was silently watching her.

ye jindagee meree kyon thee,
jaisa main chaahata tha vaisa nahin tha.
jis pyar ki maine kamana ki thi
adhik nahi hai,
jis pyar se man sbuse jyada nfrat karta hun.,
aaj a raha hai.


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