chapter - 23

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Yuhaan pov

"B-but.......your just happened as a coincidence right?" Arush asked

"Yes........but what if I tell you it was a plan?" Yuhaan said

"W-what? What do you mean?" He asked

"It was my plan" Yuhaan said



The Sultanate, The Hind and The Suryapratapgarh are the three major and most powerful kingdoms in the 16 BE.
The Hind is known for its glory and rich culture. The Suryapratapgarh is known for its defence and gun powders, and the last but not the least, The Sultanate which is known as the city of diamonds was rich with jewels and magnificent aura. One would never come back from sultanate after going there.

All the three countries had wars since the ancient regimes which made the people uncomfortable. So the three kings of the kingdoms decided to sign a pact which stated that they would not involve in other kingdom's wealth or war against each other.

All the three kings signed the pact and it was peaceful until Suryadeva, the king of The Suryapratapgarh decided to conquer The Sultanate against the pact. It was the beauty of the Sultanate which made him a desire to conquer it.

He attacked the Sultanate suddenly and due to his sudden attack, sultanate started losing its military power. Suryadeva continued to attack mercilessly and it resulted in the bloodshed of millions of people. Millions died in the war from the both side but The Sultanate was hit very badly by the Suryadeva.

Sultanate was about to lose in the war when Chandrashekhar, the king of the Hind helped the Sultanate by providing weapons and many materials which made sultanate see a ultimate victory.

When Rafan Ahmed Khan asked for a favour in return for chandrashekhar's help, chandrashekhar asked him to make Yuhaan marry one of his daughter in return.

Sultan Rafan Ahmed Khan agreed and promised. It happened when Yuhaan was merely 14.

Yuhaan looked at the kurtha which was placed on the bed.

"Should I marry this woman?" He asked to himself. He couldn't see any other woman in her place.

"No........" Was the only though striked his mind

"I can't sacrify myself just for the sake of my father's promise" he thought.

His grip on the kurtha got tightened

"But If I am not marrying chandrashekhar's daughter then there would be a war between the countries which would put the lives of people in danger" he thought.

After thinking deeply he came to a conclusion to marry Sarika as he didn't want to disappoint his father and his people.

He was thinking deeply when Sarika entered the room.

"Sultan..." She called Yuhaan. Yuhaan's gaze fell on her who was standing in nervous

"What?" Yuhaan asked

"I need to talk with you" she said.

Yuhaan moved his gaze from her to the nearest object and sat down. His legs were crossed and his hands were placed in a mejestic way.

"Speak up" he said

Sarika's hand clenched her veil, she kneeled down on the cold floor and she spoke

"I am sorry sultan.....but i-i love someone and I a-am pregnant" she said and Yuhaan's eyes widen

"Pregnant?? HOW CHEAP OF YOU" he murmured and pointed his sword on her neck. Sarika looked at the sword in horrer.

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