chapter - 29

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Daarika entered the Hind with Aruhi

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Daarika entered the Hind with Aruhi.
In the twilight's embrace, as the shimmering stars adorned the night sky, Darnika, the valiant warrior princess, returned to her homeland, Hind. Her heart throbbed with a mix of trepidation and anticipation.

She spotted Rudra standing in the secret house doors.

Daarika got down from the horse along with Aruhi.

Rudra, her steadfast confidant and the backbone behind her audacious endeavors. With a warm embrace, he welcomed her return, his eyes twinkling with a glimmer of understanding.

"Daaru" he said as his voice filled with complete warmness.

"It has been a year, hearing this word from you, Rudra" Daarika said with a tremblous voice.

"Where is Krish?" Daarika asked as her eyes searched for her beloved.

Rudra's eyes tightened as he heard his name.

Rudra's face darkened as he told her the truth.

"Forget him Daaru, he is not worthy of your love" he said making Daarika's face fall.

"What do you mean?" She asked

"He cheated you Daarika, it was his plan in making you fall in love with him! He never loved you! He married your half sister, Sarika and she is now pregnant with his child" he said making Daarika shocked.

Krish, it seemed, had not been faithful to Daarika. He had cheated on her and, in a cruel twist of fate, had married her younger sister. To make matters worse, her sister was now pregnant with Krish's child. The news hit Daarika like a thunderbolt, and she struggled to comprehend the betrayal.

Rudra, sensing her pain, tried to console her. He explained that Krish had been promised the throne by the current king, Chandrashekhar, who had announced that Krish would be the next ruler of Hind. This revelation only added to Daarika's shock and disbelief.

As the days passed, Daarika found solace in the company of Rudra. He became her rock, helping her to navigate the treacherous waters of her emotions. Together, they began to plot a course for the future.

In the end, Daarika and Rudra's friendship proved to be stronger than any betrayal. They worked tirelessly towards their goal

Rule the Hind

Daarika's mind raced as she inquired about the latest happenings within the palace walls. Rudra filled her in on the petty squabbles and meaningless indulgences that had plagued the court during her absence.

"The throne of Hind"Daarika declared resolutely,
"has fallen into the hands of incompetent fools. It is time for us to crush their reign and reclaim our rightful place."

A fierce determination surged through Daarika's veins as she listened to Rudra's detailed accounts of the weaknesses within the palace. Together, they plotted and schemed, their minds united in their shared goal of overthrowing the corrupt monarch and restoring Hind to its former glory.

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