chapter -6

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"let me tell you dear"
I looked up and saw................. chandrashekhar.......standing with my half brother rajveer who had a smirk on his face.

Damn it..........

"Scared seeing your love coughing blood??? Let me tell you........your friends are toxicated with one of the most poisonous poison in the world and it has only one cure for this.......and" chandrashekhar,my so called father said with a smirk showing a small bottle in his hand.

"The only one flower which blooms rarely in the hills of Himalaya......only this one portion is left to save them........." He said.

"Please give it.......i don't want them to die for me please" i begged him with my tears.

He started laughing

"Do you think I am a fool here? After saving them you can escape from your marriage, right?? No way. First get married with Yuhaan and I will save them " he said heartlessly

How can a man be this cruel??? Can't he love his daughter??? Won't he respect her love towards someone else??

"I will marry him! Please give that medicine....I beg you" i said joining my hands infront of him but he laughed seeing my situation

"For God sake you still have my bloodline.....NEVER BEG....marry Yuhaan and once you marry him the next moment this medicine will be given to them and also don't worry they won't die in three days..two more days and don't pull any tantrums. Tomorrow is your haldi and be prepared for it.... physically and mentally" he said and went away

I cried helplessly seeing Krish and Rudra

"I pity you my so called sister........" He said and chuckled scarastically.

My hands turned into a fist.

|Next day morning|

I looked myself in the mirror. My face lost all the colour it had. I started at myself helplessly.
At this moment I just want to disappear from this world.

I failed to save my close ones and their life is in the hands of some heartless men.

"You are asked to be summoned princess" an maid said and my train of thought got broken.

I looked myself in the mirror for a last time. Pearl earring, necklace and white lehanga with golden border.

It's my haldi......haldi for the wedding with that sultan.

I came to the palace which was fully decorated with flowers.
I looked around and spotted all the girls standing and waiting infront of me.
They all took me and made me sit down.

There I saw my so called family for now. My father, my step mother, my step brother, step sister Anika and Chachi hasini.

They were playing the happy family infront of everyone. They were acting as if they were happy for me.

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