chapter -26

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"you are meant to marry me Yuhaan!!" Ruhani said which made Daarika shocked

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"you are meant to marry me Yuhaan!!" Ruhani said which made Daarika shocked.

"I never told I would marry you! Don't imagine anything Ruhani, i am warning you" Yuhaan said

"B-but.....we are made for each other! Our marriage was confirmed since we were young right? " Ruhani said catching hold of his arms

"But I am not interested In marrying you, and now I have a wife" he said harshly removing her hand from him.

"This ugly girl??? You are rejecting me for this ugly girl?? Yuhaan!" She shouted.

"Shut up! I dare you to call my wife again. Remember your place! She will be the future queen of this country! Do you know what will be the punishment for deceiving the queen?" He said and turned towards the king, his father

"Father, i will take my leave" he said and left the palace leaving Daarika with Afia.

Daarika was looking at the scene in dumbstuck.

Ruhani turned towards Daarika and came to her.

"How dare you? How dare you to steal my Yuhaan from me?" She said and garbbed Daarika's neck.

Daarika brows tightened.
Daarika was about to push her when a hand pushed her hand from Daarika's neck.

"Don't you dare to touch my bhabhi sahib" Afia said

"Fine, so you all accept this cheap girl as Yuhaan's wife too?? Let me tell you.......he is doing the mistake again, first he married that stupid and now her*pointing towards Daarika* remember my words, he and this sultanate will regret it" Ruhani said and turned and left the palace.

Everyone was looking at the scene.

Afia turned towards Daarika

"Are you fine bhabhi sahib" she asked

Daarika nodded her head.

She turned towards the king who had witnessed all the scene occured.

"Let me take my leave sultan" she said and bowed.

Daarika left the palace.

Afia turned towards her father

"Father, Ruhani is mad over Yuhaan I think she would harm bhabhi sahib" she said

"I can't believe that she is Suhani's sister" the queen said

"She would go any extent of make Yuhaan hers but I have a belief that Daarika won't let that happen" the sultan said

|Ruhani's pov|

" again" she broke the last thing that she saw in her room.

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