chapter- 28

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Yuhaan's eyes turned red as he heard Ruhani's words

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Yuhaan's eyes turned red as he heard Ruhani's words.

"It was me who killed Suhani" she said with a chuckle.

Yuhaan turned and pushed her back on the wall with a loud thud and in a sudden second.

Ruhani hissed as her back collided the back in a painful manner. Before she could speak any word further an hand started chocking her.

She struggle as it felt difficult for her to breath.

"Y-yu...Y-Yuhaan" she struggle.

Yuhaan glared at her as his chest tumbed up and down in anger.

"What did you say?" He said in a horse voice which made Ruhani shiver.

"I ASKED WHAT DID YOU SAID" he shouted making her flinch


"Did you kill her??? DID YOU KILL MY SUHANI?" he screamed.

Ruhani struggled as his pressure is getting increased in her neck.

Ruhani was about to pass out when Yuhaan noticed it and left her with a jerk making her fall down.

Ruhani started coughing as she tried to take her breath back.

Yuhaan sat down infront of her and looked at her.

"Speak up" he said and Ruhani looked at him.

"I-i was in love with you since my childhood Yuhaan but you loved my half sister.....I couldn't bear it. She came in the middle and then took you away from me.....i couldn't tolerate it. I was depressed when I heard the news that you got married to her and she is pregnant with your child when I was sent away to study in another country. When I heard this it almost broke me into pieces. With anger and felt betrayed because your father had promised that he would get me married to you! I went to him as soon as I reached Sultanate. I asked him the explanation to his promise. Then he came up with the idea of killing Suhani in Hind" she said


The wind was blowing very high and it would rain any moment.

The palace door got opened with a thud and a agitated woman entered the palace. The king and the queen looked at her.

"Ruhani?" The king exclaimed

Ruhani came inside the palace and stood infront of the king and queen with tears and angry face.

"What happened dear?" The queen asked.

"What has to happen 'umu almalikati?(queen mother, Ruhani used to call her like that)" she said

The king and queen exchanged a glance

"We couldn't understand" she said

"Yuhaan got married to Suhani right?" She said and Rafan's brow straightened.

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