chapter -14

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"Daarika" he called her

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"Daarika" he called her. Daarika stood up from the bed and looked at him.

He was looking at her when he noticed a lamp was not lit. He walked towards it .

"Sultan, i want to speak with you" Daarika said looking at him who was admiring the lamp that he lit some minutes ago.

"Say" he said in his usual cold voice not bothering her tensed tone.

Daarika's fist hardened at his behaviour.

She clenched her jaws and said

"Please listen to me. I am going to say something very serious now" she said almost in her non polite tone.

He titled his head a little and raised his brow

Daarika sighed and started speaking

"Sultan, i know that our marriage was forced and you never liked me or this situation at first place. Well you should have known that I was also forced just like you! I was also a victim of this situation. Neither of us are happy with this wedding of ours. Why don't you give me divorce soon? So that we could lead our life peacefully" she asked looking ai him who was looking at her deeply.

His serious look was soon changed. Suddenly a smiled crept on his face and soon it turned into chuckled.

Daarika looked at him confused seeing his reaction. He came and stood infront of her within some fraction of seconds.

Seeing him this close Daarika's breath hintched.

"Divorce you?" He chuckled. Daarika was looking at him with no expression. He was looking like a devil in the dim light and his choice of wearing black everyday makes him look like a feline in devil. Seeing his close in the dim light scared the shit out of her.

It wasn't like she is scared of him. It's just that she was not used to have anyan this close to her. Ofcourse she stayed in military academy where everyone is male except her but none tried to be this close with her.

"Listen to me dear wifey, i married you just for the promise as you know, today morning you heard everything clearly, i don't have to clear anything to you and let you know that In Arabic, is a woman is married to the man, she is bounded to the man until he dies. Ever after his death she had to serve him . I have so many women in my haram, why didn't I divorce them? Here the word divorce doesn't exist and keep that in the petty mind of your wifey " he said and turned to leave. Suddenly he turned back and looked at her.

"And as I told, just because I said that I won't divorce you doesn't mean that I will accept you. You are nothing to me" he said and left the room leaving the nymph alone in the room.

Daarika sat down on the bed and was thinking deeply.

"What should I do now?" She wispered.

Daarika looked at the sword near her.

"I am left with no other way that this now"

She said and took the sword in her hand

|Y U H A A N  P O V|

After meeting the ministers Yuhaan was reading some letters when his right hand man, arush came running inside his chamber.

""S-sultan c-choti b-begum" he panted heavily as if he had ran all the way here.

Yuhaan moved his gaze from the letter and glared at him. He caught hold of his  breath and continued

"C-choti begum r-ran away!" He said

Yuhaan smirked and moved his gaze to the letter again.

"I knew it" he said and Arush looked at him confused

|Daarika pov|

Daarika changed that luxurious lehanga into a comfortable dress and tied the veil on her face. She looked at the sword in her hand. It was The sword which was given to her by her master.

She took it and sneaked out of the palace. She climbed the wall and got down without the guards noticing her.

She looked at her surroundings and saw a horse. She went to it.


The palace of Hind was in a deep silence. Chandrashekhar looked at his wife who was staring at her son's body getting it's final rituals.

She was standing with a white saree along with Anika who was also wearing a plain white saree.

The rituals were done and a tear left from yamini's eyes.

"I will kill that person and make his or her blood shatter here, where my son's rituals were done!" Yamini yelled.

Yamini knows who done it.

She turned and left followed by Anika and her attendees.

"What are we going to do now mother? Rajveer died! The throne is no longer ours!" Anika wispered as she stood behind her mother who was sitting on her bed.

"Now father will start to see a good groom for me and......maybe a n-new q-queen for himself" she said and yamini's eyes turned red in anger.

"No! No! NO! This won't happen! It's my kingdom and I won't let it go from my hands" she shouted

"B-but I am telling -" she was cut of by yamini holding her neck tightly

"Dare you to say it again" she clunched her jaws while applying more pressure on her neck. Anika started struggling with her hold.

"M-moth-" she struggled

"Hind was named to be mine! Only mine!" She said and looked at Anika who lost her breath and was struggling heavily.

Yamini left her with a jerk which made her fall down.

Anika coughed hardly

"I -i am telling the fact! FATHER NEEDS A LEGAL HEIR FOR THE THRONE! Now  rajveer died and he may need a son to take up the kingdom, i didn't said anything wrong mother!" Anika screamed at her

Her points seemed to make some sense. Yamini looked at her and turned towards the mirror.

"What if I don't have a son now? I have my son in law to rule this country" she said and smirked

Anika looked at her confused.

|Daarika pov|

I lashed the horse and it started running. I came out of the palace.

There was no where for me to go but I must go.

I was riding the horse with full speed when suddenly the horse stopped in the middle track.

I looked at the horse to see what happened but no one was there.

I lashed it to Move when my eyes flickered due to the heavy light in the middle of the night.

I looked ahead and saw a bunch of soldiers standing infront of me while I saw him standing there with no expression.

I am caught!


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