chapter -18

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"do you know what a wife do to her husband?" He asked her while inhaling her scent

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"do you know what a wife do to her husband?" He asked her while inhaling her scent

"To serve her husband on the bed" he said and Daarika's eyes widen

"And about claiming as my wife..........then....why don't you serve me?" He said and pulled her closer.

Daarika looked at him who's eyes had so many emotions.

"I know......i know your motives......your father's motive but believe me, you will end up getting hurt." He said

His grip on daarika's Hip got tightened. Daarika hissed in pain

"No it was you who asked for it" he said and leaned forward towards her shoulders when Daarika pushed him aside and got a hold of his sword.

She pointed it towards him. Yuhaan turned and looked at her only to find the sword pointed at him.

"Please try to understand me! Whenever I am trying to communicate with you, you are just misunderstanding me! Please sultan! I didn't mean to offend you or badi begum" Daarika sighed and Yuhaan looked at her.

"Or should I say Suhani? I never dreamt of being your wife nor will I ask for the power in the future! I just have a goal! It was very well until you got into my life! Please sultan listen to me" she said almost like begging.

Yuhaan looked at her and spoke

"Tell me" he said and Daarika looked at him. The sword is still pointed at him

"E-either help me ascent the throne of Hindu  or accept me as your wife " she said.

Yuhaan looked at her with a confused look. Suddenly he started laughing.

"Conquer the hind?? You?" He laughed.

Daarika's eyes looked at him with a anger look.

"If you are thinking that I would help then forget it because I don't help weak people like you. Only strongest can survive and about being my wife, you don't have that capacity. I don't accept some random useless woman as my wife" he said hurting Daarika.

A tear fell from Daarika's blue tender eyes hearing his insult but she wiped it off before pointing the sword at him

"T-then there is nothing to speak of" she said and aimed at him but he was quick enough to throw the pillow from the bed. Daarika throwed the pillow and ran towards him and pointed the sword at him. She again aimed the sword at him and this time he was quick enough to dodge the sword. The sword fell on the corner of the room.

Before Daarika could reach for the sword Yuhaan throwed her on the bed.

"You!......" Daarika was about to say something  when the sword was pointed at her neck by him.

"Trying to kill me?? Let me tell you dear. I was not given the title of sultan just for nothing. I had seen and witnessed many people trying to kill me" he said and smiled. He was standing infront of her while pointing the sword at her neck.

Daarika was looking at the sword in pure fear.

"What did you think? I didn't know your secret message of telling your people to kill your brother rajveer? I knew each and every step of yours since the day you stepped inside the Hind palace and became my bride" he said and the sword was piercing Daarika's neck slightly by that time.

Daarika closed her eyes as the sword was touching her neck. Suddenly she felt a little portion of liquid running down her neck.

It was her blood.

"I have considered your requests" he said and wiped the blood of from her neck.
Daarika opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Since you want to be my wife....i will accept you as my wife." He said and Leaned forward.

Daarika gulped in fear.

"But before that, we should punish the culprit who tried to assassinate the future ruler of sultanate,right?" He said and smiled evily. Daarika was looking at him

"Guards!!!!!" He yelled and soon the guards came inside the chamber.

"Guards!! Arrest the culprit" he said and pushed Daarika towards the guards.

"Imprison her in the prison. Tomorrow we would discuss the rest. It's already very late" he said streching his hands not caring about Daarika.

The guards dragged her away.

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