chapter -17

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"where is your wife Suhani? Why havent i met her even once since I got here" Daarika asked him

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"where is your wife Suhani? Why havent i met her even once since I got here" Daarika asked him. His brow tightened and Daarika saw some mixed emotions in his eyes which he never showed off.

"You don't have to know anything about me or my Suhani. Stay out of it." He said

"No! I want to kno-" Before she could complete the sentence she was pushed to the wall and was caged by Yuhaan.

Daarika's eyes met his angry green eyes

"Don't take a word again. Stay at your limits. Go!" He shouted and Daarika looked at him

Yuhaan looked at her who was determined to know the truth. He took a deep breath and said

"My Suhani is not with me......s-she has gone far away from me....." He said and Daarika felt his eyes becoming moist.

He left and and turned back.

"She is dead! She is no more! My Suhani is no m-more" he said

Daarika felt a little pain hearing him and his words.

"Now go before I do something" he said and Daarika looked at him before getting out of the palace.

Daarika went to her chamber and looked at Aruhi who was cleaning the room

"Aruhi" Daarika called her. She came towards her and said

"Yes choti begum" she said

"What happened to Suhani? How did she die?" Daarika asked and Aruhi looked at her

"Did sultan told you this?" She asked her and Daarika nodded

"Please tell me what happened" Daarika asked holding her hand.

Aruhi looked at her hand which was holded by her.

"I am sorry begum. But sultan have the tights to tell what had happened" She said taking the hand from Daarika's hand

"No.....he won't tell me.... please! Please tell me aruhi. I want to know what happened" Daarika asked.

Aruhi sighed and started narrating

"Begum suhani yaadein was a common woman in sultanate. Begum Suhani was a beautiful and kind-hearted woman living in the sultanate. She was known for her grace, intelligence, and compassion. She was beloved by many and considered an important member of the community. Sultan Yuhaan got hurted by that time during a war and was left with no one to help. Begum suhani was had met sultan by accident helped him and that was their first met. After that they met frequently and they both fell in love with each other. Sultan was determined to marry begum Suhani but the king, Sultan's father was against it. After consulting so many times the king agreed to their wedding.
Begum Suhani's marriage to the sultan brought her immense joy and happiness. With each passing day, she grew into a more confident and strong woman. She took on the responsibility of being the queen with grace and dignity. Suhani's presence brought a new sense of compassion and kindness to the palace, and people started to see the sultan in a different light.

Her pregnancy was the happiest time of her life, and she was showered with love and care from everyone in the palace. However, when she unexpectedly passed away along with her unborn child, the entire palace was plunged into grief and mourning. The sultan was devastated and could not imagine his life without Suhani. He realized how much she had changed him for the better and how much he had taken her for granted. Suhani's death became a turning point for the sultan, and he vowed to honor her memory by ruling with kindness and love, just as she had taught him. Their love may have been cut short, but its impact would last forever. Sultan changed a lot after her death. He became so cold and rude" aruhi completed and Daarika was listening to her.

Aruhi went after taking her leave from Daarika.

Daarika was thinking deeply. Is this the reason why sultan doesn't accept any other woman than Suhani? She thought

|Hind pov|

"I will never accept her or her husband!" Chandra shekhar yelled

"Why? Was it because they ran away and got married?" Yamini said

"Yes! She brought my country's pride at its strike by leaving the wedding with Yuhaan! If it wasn't Daarika's sacrifice now hind won't be peaceful as is it now! The kingdom avoided a war only because of her!" He said and yamini's hand clenched

"So now you are appreciating that illegitimate daughter of your right?!" She yelled.

"Don't forget, she is illegitimate daughter of yours........she is your mistake! Even if she wasn't ready for the marriage, Anika would have married that sultan" she said

"Speaking of it, we have to find a suitable bridegroom for my daughter" yamini said

|Daarika's chamber, at night|

|Daarika's pov|

I was thinking about what Aruhi said some hours ago. I was deeply thinking when my eyes fell on the lamps which was not lightened. I stood up and went near it and lighted the lamp. I was lightening the lamp one by one when I suddenly felt a cold hand touching my bare hips. A gasp left my mouth when I felt him pulling me closer to him and back hugging me.

"madha s-sa'alat?" He said something in Arabic when I smelled a heavy alcohol smell from him.

He is drunk

"madha sa'alat?!" He shouted this time.

"I couldn't understand anything you are saying!" I said

"W-what did you a-ask me!" He asked

"About your wife" i said and he laughed suddenly. First time I am seeing him laugh. Is it because of the alcohol?

"About my wife? Then who are you?" He asked

"Y-your w-wif- um nothing" she said

"Legally or became my wife. Yes you are my wife now" he said and suddenly a gust of wind hit me. Did he call me his wife???

"But you can never be my wife!" He said

"Even I don't want to be a one!" I yelled back pushing him a little. He stumbled

He looked at me who was glaring at him.

"You dared to push me?" He said

"I don't want to explain the whole damn thing again! I wasn't the one to force you to marry me! It was you! You and that bloody king of Hind! " I took a deep breath and continued

"You made me your wife! Now I am your wife! Whether you say it or not, i am your WIFE" i said and suddenly I felt him pushing me and my back collided with the soft bed.

I looked at him with widen eyes. He got on the bed and hovered over me and looked at me. He leaned forward and I closed my eyes in fear.

"Do you know what a wife does to her husband????" He wispered in my ears.

"Serve her husband in the bed"


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