chapter - 13

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"what?!" His father exclaimed

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"what?!" His father exclaimed

"Father, i would like to explain now" Yuhaan said and he explained everything happened in Hind.

"How dare they! They tried to humiliate us!" His father ranged in anger.

"Father calm down. Please listen to me. This is Daarika, Chandra shekhar's eldest daughter" Yuhaan said

"Eldest daughter??*his mother looked at Yuhaan* wasn't Sarika the eldest daughter of maharaj chandrashekhar?" His mother asked with a confused.

Ofcourse, everyone in this world knows that Chandra shekhar has two daughters and one son, they are Sarika, Anika and Rajveer.

"She is his illegitimate daughter, father" Yuhaan said looking at Daarika who was looking at his parents.

There was a moment of silence

"You brought a illegitimate daughter as your wife Yuhaan? Seriously! " His mother yelled at him and looked at Daarika in disbelief.

"Then what else did you want me to do mother???! It was you both who forced me to marry that Chandrashekhar's daughter for the sake of your god damn promise!" Yuhaan yelled at them and Daarika flinched at his high pitched voice.

"Promise???? What promise???" Daarika thought

"Yes , I agree that we forced you! But we never asked you to marry a girl who is a illegitimate heir!' his mother yelled again.

Yuhaan was glaring at her furiously.

"Enough of you both!" The sultan also known as yuhaan's father yelled and both of them moved their gaze away to him.

"Past is past. Now that you are married , today I will pahale Rath" he said

"Now both of you can take rest since your journey from hind would be so tiring"he said and Yuhaan bowed and asked Daarika to do the same.

Then he pulled Daarika out of the court.

|Daarika pov|

"Was was that? Doesn't your parents know about the replacement?" I asked him

"No" he said

"Why?" I asked.

"It wasn't necessary" he said casually like he didn't care.

What does he mean by " it wasn't necessary"?????

"What does that mean? Not necessary?? Seriously?" I asked shocked at his words

"Look,i married you just because I was forced to. It doesn't matter that it was you or your sister. The name of Chandra shekhar's daughter was enough for me to marry you"  he said making my heart ache.
Anyone in mg place would feel the same.

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