chapter - 11

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"SON?!" i looked at him shocked

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"SON?!" i looked at him shocked

Suddenly i felt some moments or something on me.......more like something crawling......

She looked at her neck and screamed

"S-SNAKE! C-COBRA SNAKE?!" She wisper yelled as that snake is looking at her while crawling.

"Its not cobra begum, he is a inland taipan.....his name is Ryan, my son..... our son begum" Yuhaan said with a smirk seeing her fear badly.

SNAKE AS A SON?!?! Is this man crazy?? Is he kidding me!?! Our son??

"Ryan, say hi to your new mother" he said and I looked at the snake with fear. My whole body is shivering badly. He is dark black in colour.

I hate snakes so much. Suddenly the snake came forward to my face which made my breath hinch. I shut my eyes in fear and tears are rolling from my face.

"S-sultan, i-i am w-willing to do a-anything you ask me b-but p-please a-ask y-your son to g-get o-off from m-me" i managed to say that while sluttered badly. I am going to have nightmares some days because of it.

He(Yuhaan) came forward and stood infront of me with a playful smile

"Is my begum that much scared?? I wonder how you will live around me and my sons in the future" he said

SONS?! He is giving me heart attack. God save me from this mad man and his son

"I am s-scared of s-snakes....." I said.

Pleas s-sultan" i begged

"Begum don't move and do you know what my son can do?" He said.

He continued

"You know what If you move, you can never see this world because......" He continued

"He will send you directly to heaven cause he is the most dengerous and poisonous snake in the world" he said and my tears started falling down

"Ryan, i think your mom doesn't like you, come to me" he said and the snake crawled back from me to him and the snake is on his shoulders standing proundly now.

I panted heavily as a deep sigh of relief left my mouth.

He smirked seeing my state, my sweaty hand and forehead.

"May I take my leave sultan?" I asked him and he nodded.

I turned back and left to my chamber.

|Daarika pov|

What does he think of himself??? Snake as sons?? *Chuckle* doesn't his wives gave him son who is human??. Psycho... I was crusing my heart out when I spotted a pigeon flew and came near my camp window. I looked at it and spotted.... yes! It's our Pigeon.

"Finally a ray of hope" she sighed in happiness. I slowly untied the message from the pigeon's leg and gave it some water and food. I sat down and opened the letter to read it.

It's's a blank paper.

I smirked knowing it.

"My men were smart and clever" i thought and took the paper near the fire and showed it lightly near the fire.

Soon the words started appearing.

Everything is going accordingly,
Need your approval for the next order.

I read the letter and smirked widely. After reading it I burnt the paper and took a fresh letter to write a letter. After writing the matter, i took a powder from my bag, secret letter powder and mixed it with water. Then dipped the letter and let it dry. After drying it I took it and again tied in the leg of pigeon.

I took the pigeon and let it fly from my camp.

"Hope everything goes well" i sighed.

|Yuhaan pov|

"What are you exactly doing my king" arush asked not getting what am I doing.

I carressed the pigeon in my hand and it seemed to be scared of my actions.
I smirked

"Taking a throne using its own way" i said and his eyebrows clashed in confusion.

"You could have stopped the secret message but you allowed it the reach choti begum sultan. What if she is planning against our country?" He said.

I looked at the letter In my hand.
She thinks we couldn't ready it?? No, she doesn't know that it was a technique we are well known of.

I took the letter and words startes appearing.

Good, procedure with the next plan.
Kindly inform lakshana's  love towards rajveer

"Lucky land??? Strange......isn't it" arush said .

"You didn't answer my questions sultan" he said.

"Her plan was not on sultanate but on Hind. If am I not wrong. She is planning to take over hind" Yuhaan concluded.

"How are you saying it sultan" he asked.

"Look at the letter carefully.......k indly I nform l akshana l ove.


Yuhaan and arush shared a glance.


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