chapter -4

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"what? She agreed!?" His furious green eyes met the eyes of his trusted man, Aarush

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"what? She agreed!?" His furious green eyes met the eyes of his trusted man, Aarush.

He nodded vigorously. Yuhaan's hand turned into a fist.


"What's all this??" She asked seeing her room filled with enormous red boxes and some maids standing there with some accessories and dress.

"Greetings your you have to go to temple and worship God as per the king order....please get ready and I will be your personal maid and my name is Diya" she said

"What temple???? Why??" I asked her

"Before marriage you have to worship the god.and do some please get ready in this blue lehanga" she said handing over a beautiful navy blue lehanga which had a peacock embedded In it and also golden border gives it a mejestic beauty.

I touched it and felt it so soft and smooth. In my life I have never saw it touched a lehanga before.
I always used to wear men dress as only that was provided in the military academy.

"Please come this way princess....we will help you bath" she said

What!?! Help me in bath!!!? Me!? Naked infront of other girls??!? A BIG NO?!

"N-no.....i c-can m-manage myself' i said in awkward

She looked at me and smiled assuring

"Please don't feel shy princess........we will help you" she said and dragged me to the bathing area.

I tried many times to stop her but she didn't listen.

I changed my dress into a towel and got inside the water.
As the cold water touched my wounds which I got four days ago started paining a lot and a sight hiss left my mouth.

Hearing it, Diya ran and came to me asked

"Are you ok princess??? " She asked me

"Um....nothing" i said

She looked at me with a doubtful look but she nodded and turned to leave when she noticed blood on the towel on my back

"Oh my god.....what is this princess?? Wait I will bring some medicine" she said and went from there.

I just closed my eyes and relaxed myself when I felt someone applying something on my back.

I turned around and saw her applying gently on my upper back wounds.

I screamed as that liquid touched my back sending me unbearable pain.

"I am sorry princess but can you please remove the hair from the back slightly?" She asked.

I just removed my hair from my back Allowing her to see my bare back

She gasped seeing the wounds on my back.

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