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his heartless bride  by kim_snowflake
his heartless bride by kim_snowflake
"you are just a replacement, don't except anything from me" he said "agreed" she said not even bothering him with a glance "you will be my wife...
The Tale Of Rajgarh  by _jessy_writes
The Tale Of Rajgarh by Jessy
Rajveer Rajvanshi always wishes to become the king and Siya rathore is destined to marry the soon to be king of Rajgarh. What will happen when destiny has ano...
Abhishree ~ The Queen of Mahabaleshgarh by magicallovely
Abhishree ~ The Queen of Mahabales...by L A V L E E N
Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their prostitutes and servants. Dreaming that situation made my heart race even more. I settled myse...
THE QUEEN'S THRONE  by ColourfulDiaries
THE QUEEN'S THRONE by Anvi Tripathi
She was known as one of the most beautiful princesses however by the name of her sister, Everyone knew Hiranya the elder princess of Devgarh as one of the most beautiful...
A TALE FROM THE PAGES OF PAST  by ironlegoinaire
The mystery which revolved around her death is close to conclusion but will this lead to answers or more mystery she doubt anyone would know. In search of her reason of...
Shiva Rudra by kim_snowflake
Shiva Rudraby kim_snowflake
"Shivanya, I have a matter to discuss with you" he said as he entered the palace. "Yes, my king?" i said as shiver ran down my Spain hearing my name...
Damini -The Unknown Princess by SitaMah7
Damini -The Unknown Princessby Pranati
"Why always in a hurry, you girl? Huh? You can't escape from me. From the second you lost." His grip on her arm tightened making her wince arching her back. Hi...
Rajveer ~ Nandini : The Saga Of Vengeance To Love by AUTHOR__SHREE
Rajveer ~ Nandini : The Saga Of Ve...by SHREE
A Prince who hasn't seen his biological parents since birth, learned only to hate right from his young age and lost his heart entirely to become a ruthless person who br...
Burning Red Of Wrath - ✨🪭  by remysolmoon
Burning Red Of Wrath - ✨🪭 by Remy sol moon
Ivaan's eyes narrowed, looking at the kit in his hand "Perhaps, I should... just maybe.......... listen to you" he murmured, " but what can I say.......I...
A TALE OF VENGEANCE by ironlegoinaire
YURANI ALEKHYA DEVRAJ....... A name, a title and living goddess of war. Where ever she goes a faint torment of fear follows her like shadows. Entire world fear her. No o...