chapter - 12

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|Daarika pov|

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|Daarika pov|

A new day again. When I woke up, the guards and everyone got ready for depart. I was looking at them removing all the tents and camps here.

I was looking at them. Then they brought a pallaque for me to sit.

I was about to get in when I heard someone calling me.

I turned and saw a soldier

"Begum, sultan wants your presence " he said and I looked at him confused.

What does he want now???

I was looking at him when he said

"Begum please..." He said asking me to come with him. I nodded and went with him.

We walked to the place where he is standing while reading something in his hand.

"Sultan....did you ask my presence?" i called him and he turned towards me.

"Oh begum You are here" he said and gestured the soldier to let us have privacy.

I looked at the guard who went away.

"W-why d--" before I could complete my sentence someone lifted me in the air and made me sit on the horse.

"WHAT TH---"

"Shuu begum. Do what I say. Ride house with me to sultanate" he said and got on the horse.

"What????" I asked unable to believe myself.

"Yes begum. What does you think? You will have all the comforts and happiness you had in your kingdom being a princess?? Let me remaind  you, you are my wife and that doesn't mean you have all the powers. You are also a puppet to me. Now stay" he said looking at me while I looked at him blankly.

That means he doesn't know that my father treats me like a maid and not as a princess.

Suddenly I felt him gripping the rope and he announced his soldiers to depart.

My eyes teared up listening to his words.

I have never once been a princess even if I am the one who should be the princess.

I don't even what the title of princess or wife of the sultan of sultanate.

I just dreamed of having a normal life with just a normal husband and a normal place.

I never wanted those luxuries nor a king as my husband.

|At HIND kingdom|

"Your highness, sultan Yuhaan and princess daarika reached sultanate today" an attendee said

Chandra shekhar who was reading some letters nodded his head and asked the attendee to leave.

It was already midnight and still Chandra shekhar was working.

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