chapter -21

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Daarika was resting until she heard some door opening sound

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Daarika was resting until she heard some door opening sound.

She thought it was Aruhi so she just layed down as her body was too tired to do anything right now.

She was sleeping when she suddenly felt someone's presence near her.

She felt it wasn't Aruhi so she immediately turned back and saw him staring at her.

She sat straight and looked at him

"What do you w-want ?" Her voice cracked as she has no energy to speak.

His green eyes was staring deeply in her blue eyes.

"I just want to give you this...." He showed her a small medicine bottle in her hand.

What's his problem now?? It was him who made me like this?!
Now rubbing salt on my wound!?

"Why?? It was you who caused me this pain" Daarika said.

Yuhaan sat next to her and said

"It wasn't me but you, you was the one who done this and as the sultan of the country I should punish a guilt person even if she is my wife!" He said

"My wife??*laugh* since when?" She looked down.

"Past is past, now let me apply this for you and mind you it doesn't mean that I have a soft corner for you! I just felt I had punished you a little high" he said.

"Let you apply! No thanks" she said.

"Why? Are you afraid of my touch?" He smirked

"Afraid of your touch?*laugh* well, I might remember you that I had came from a men military academy. You know what? It was Krish who used to apply medicine on my wounds when I was beaten hard by the general and choti general" she said stressing Krish word.

Hearing her his brow frown.

He kept the medicine and grabbed her hand forcefully and pulled her near him.

"Let me go!" Daarika said

"Never dare to speak of any man infront of me! And mind you, as the Sultan's wife you are not supposed to think of any other men except me" he said clenching his words.

Daarika laughed at his words

"Then am I having the rights to dream of you? No right? Then how the hell can you tell me to not look at any men?? Can you satisfy my desires?? Oh, I forgot you have many mistress like Tamanna with whom you would have spent plenty of nights to fulfill your desires. What about me???" Daarika said jerking his hands away.

Hearing her words, Yuhaan reached the peak of his patience.

He pushed her back on the bed and hovered over her.

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