chapter -27

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Yuhaan opened his eyes as the canopy of light entered his eyes

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Yuhaan opened his eyes as the canopy of light entered his eyes.
He shut his eyes and opened it trying to adjust his vision.

He looked around and found himself in his room, with royal doctor near him.

"altabib almalakiu??" He called him.
(Royal doctor?)

Everyone bowed to him as he looked around.

"What happened to me?? Why does my head hurts?" He said holding his head.

"Sultan" Arush came forward

"Please sit down, let me explain" he said and Yuhaan glanced at him before sitting down on the bed.

Arush looked at the maids and the doctor to get out and they went out.

Arush turned back to Yuhaan and said

"Sultan, you was not in your conscious for some days" he said.

"How many?" He asked

"Four full moons(3 months)" he said making Yuhaan shocked

"Four full moons?!" He exclaimed.

Yuhaan got ready and made his way to the palace.

He stepped out of his chamber and saw that the place was completely changed.

His eyes glanced at Daarika's chamber which was near his chamber.

It was completely changed now............

There was no maids or guards there

Yuhaan turned and spoke to Arush

"What happened?" He asked

"Sultan, please don't get angry......... choti begum-"

"What happened to her?" Yuhaan interrupted him.

"Choti begum left the p-palace on the day you got unconscious" he said

"What?! Left the palace!? Left the sultanate?!"

"And it was confirmed that it was her who made you get unconscious with t-this" he said handing over a drug to Yuhaan

"A drug?"

"It was found in choti begum's room and the maids have seen that she had added this in your room doop that day" he said

Why would she do that??? Why does she run away suddenly?

Yuhaan thought

Yuhaan made his way to Daarika's chamber.

He opened the door with a loud thud and spotted some one he shouldn't.


She laid on Daarika's bed smiling at Yuhaan in a evil way.

About Ruhani is was born into a wealthy chieftain in Sultanate. From a young age, she was groomed for a life of luxury and privilege. However, beneath her glamorous exterior, Ruhani harbored a restless spirit and a thirst for something more. She is obsessed with Yuhaan from the childhood.

Ruhani's father is one of his father's trustworthy man. That's when  she met Yuhaan, she instantly fell head over heels in love with his charm and charisma. From a young age, she developed a complex about her body, feeling inadequate compared to the unattainable standards she saw around her.

When she met Yuhaan, she was instantly captivated. Determined to win his affections, she embarked on a rigorous fitness and beauty regimen. She spent countless hours in improving her beauty, shaping her body to perfection. She invested in expensive beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures, hoping to make herself irresistible to him. Those Hazel eyes that shimmer with intelligence and seductiveness, Long, raven-black hair that cascades over her shoulders,
Enchanting smile that lights up her face and melts hearts,
Slender and graceful figure with curves that are impossible to ignore,
Dresses provocatively in sheer fabrics that reveal tantalizing glimpses of her flawless skin would make any man go crazy.

However, to Ruhani's dismay, Yuhaan remained indifferent to her advances. No matter how seductive she tried to be, he failed to reciprocate her feelings. Frustrated and obsessed, Ruhani's pursuit of Yuhaan became increasingly desperate and manipulative.

"What are you doing here?" Yuhaan asked as she stood up and walked towards him in a sassy way.

Ruhani looked at him in a seducing way as she spoke in her seductive voice.

"I heard that you got your concious back" she wispered while getting near him.

"I thought you would come here and here you are, my habibi" she said and touched Yuhaan's chest.

Yuhaan pushed her hand and stood straight making her glare at him

"Don't try to damn touch me" he said

"Why Yuhaan?? Why are you doing this!! WHYY!! Am I not looking desirable?? From childhood I love you.....from childhood just to pleasure you I have made this body of mine very sexy for you! All the men in this capital is behind me but you are not! Why? You loved that ugly b#tch first and this stupid one now-" she was cut by a hard slap on her cheek. Her eyes teared up as she looked at Yuhaan who was looking like a nothing but a devil

His eyes were red of anger.

"I dare you to speak of them again, you know what?? THIS IS WHAT I HATE IN are not ready to look into people's heart, you think that with this body of your,you could get everyone in your hands but no!! You are wrong! I hate you!! I damn hate you" he said and turned to leave when she said something which made him halted.

"Do you know what? Suhani was killed by me"


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