chapter -5

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|in daarika's chamber|

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|in daarika's chamber|

|Daarika's pov|

I lay down on my bed and started thinking about today.
An huge smile crept on my face.

Finally, i accomplished my first move which will strengthen my plans. I just hope them to complete the given task soon and what does this Chandra Shekhar thinks of him?? If he capture my friends I will agree to marry that king and stay in the palace like his puppy?
Now way

Thinking of that first I must save rudra and Krish.

I looked at the bracelet Krish gave me.

"I will save you both soon" i said to myself.

I won't allow my marriage with that sultan! Never in my dreams!

|Yuhaan's pov|

Inhaling the red coloured liquid, Yuhaan listened carefully to arush.

He laughed hearing him

"So my soon to be bride has some plans personally..... intresting. Keep updating me arush and I want to know her relation status with Chandra Shekhar.....she doesn't seem to love her father like all other girls does" i said and he nodded and left.

This girl is really interesting.

|Daarika's pov|

I feel so lonely staying inside a mansion a whole day.
I miss those days where we.......rudra, Krish and well Harish is also my close friend used to roam around the west city market after bunking the academy and sneaking out of the campus.
Those days were memorable one.
I looked outside and spotted a garden.
I thought why not to go and spend my time there for some time instead of staying inside the mansion all day.

"Diya........" I winned

"Yes Princess" Diya said.

"Can we go to the garden??? I am feeling so soffacated here" i asked her

"No princess......his highness told you should not go out of the mansion until it was said" she said breaking my imagination

"Oh come on!!! Just the garden inside the palace! I am not asking to go out...i just want to spend some time there please" i asked her

She looked at me and the though for some times and the agreed.

We both went outside and I felt a sudden rush of wind hitting my body.

So refreshing.........

I was looking at the garden very intensively when I saw cute rabbits around me leg.

I bend down and took one in hand
"It's so cute....." I wispered and patted in softly.

Soon all the rabbits sat on my lap and I really loved it's company.

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