chapter -22

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"c-choti begum

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"c-choti begum....." Daarika moved her gaze away from the window to aruhi who was standing there with worried expression.

Daarika's eyes fell on the plate in her hand which had a cloth in it.

Daarika's hand clenched looking at it.

"Did he sent it?" Daarika asked and Aruhi nodded slowly.

One day.....he would be REGRETING all THIS!

Daarika's gaze fell on the cloth again. It was a pale green dress worn by maids here.

|YUHAAN pov|

"Sultan......." Arush, his man called him who was reading some letters.

Yuhaan moved his gaze from the letter to him.

"Skip the formalities when we are alone Arush" Yuhaan said.

"I dare not to do so sultan..... maybe I would be leashed the same way how choti begum got punished today, for disrespecting you" he said  sarcastically.

Yuhaan glared at his direction

"What do you mean exactly Arush?" He asked

"Aren't you feeling that you had gone a step over today? Choti begum didn't even do a sinful crime to get that hard punishment " Arush said

"I know what I am doing" he said

"Understand the truth Yuhaan! Understand the reality........ Suhani is no more.....past is past and present is present. Now you have a legal wife with whom you are going to spend your days, have children and-"

Yuhaan garbbed his collar and glared straight into his eyes. Anger was visible in his eyes

"She is not my wife" he stressed those words.

"She is your wife, you both got married and everyone had witnessed it" Arush said

"Just because I married her doesn't mean she could become my wife. In this life, only Suhani can be my wife, my ONLY wife" Yuhaan said

"Then divorce Daarika, she might get a good husband who would take care of her well " arush said

"No" Yuhaan said

"Why?? Don't you hate her?' Arush asked

"Do you know what she done to me?" Yuhaan yelled this time

"She killed child......." Yuhaan said making Arush shocked.

"W-what?" Arush said

Yuhaan left Arush collar and signalled him to sit beside him.

"Do you remember? Suhani wants to visit Hind when she was pregnant and I insisted to postpone it since it's her delivery time but she was so determined and I had no way than fulfilling her wish. After that I took her to hind and we was staying for a quite a while. Then........"


"Sultan, can we go and see the streets please?" Suhani asked Yuhaan

"No Suhani, that would be dangerous for both of you and our child " Yuhaan insisted but suhani convinced him to take her there.

Yuhaan and Suhani was enjoying their time when Suhani suddenly felt a pain in her abdomen. Suhani screamed as she started feeling the pain

She held Yuhaan for support and Yuhaan looked at her. Yuhaan got panicked after seeing suhani in pain.

"Its pregnancy pain" Yuhaan thought.

Quickly he carried her to the chariot in which they came and asked the guard to move inside the city for a doctor.

Suhani was screaming in pain and seeing it, Yuhaan made her lay on his lap and spoke some sweet words in her ears and she got calmed a little.

The chariot was moving faster when it stopped suddenly.

Yuhaan looked ahead and saw a checkpoint.

"WHY DID YOY STOP? ASK THEM TO OPEN THE DAMN GATE.....MY WIFE IS STRUGGLING" Yuhaan yelled and his guard started the chariot but it was stopped by a blue eyed woman.

"You can't go without getting checked inside the city mister" she said

"The lady inside got pregnancy pain, please let us go" the guard said.

The woman came next to the chariot and saw Yuhaan and Suhani in his lap crying in pain.

That woman turned and suddenly screamed

"Guards.......check these persons!" she yelled

Yuhaan looked at that person in anger.

"My wife is suffering from pregnancy pain! What's there to check now?!" Yuhaan yelled at that woman

"We had got a information that your chariot contains gun powders" the woman said.

"Sultan!!" Suhani screamed. Yuhaan placed his palm on her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

"Just hold on for some more minutes jaanu, we will get you treated " he kissed her hand now.

Suhani's eyes started to tear up as her pain was unbearable

"I-it h-urts......." She cried.

Yuhaan glared at her.

The woman was looking at us but didn't said a single word

"There is nothing suspectable choti general " one guard said and the woman turned and signalled the gaurds to open the gate.

Then the chariot went inside the city
Yuhaan was filling her ears with sweet words. Suddenly suhani touched his face and spoke

"S-sultan......t-thank y-you f-for e-eve-erything y-your j-jaanu l-loves y-you a l-lo-" her hand fell making Yuhaan's face colourless.

A tear fell from Yuhaan's eyes

"S-suhani??" He slightly tapped her cheeks to get reply but he didn't get any reply

"J-jaanu, wake's not a game to p-play" Yuhaan said and still no reply.

"JAANU......" He hugged her and tears fell from his eyes.

Her beautiful snow white face had became pale.

Yuhaan carried her dead body inside the doctor's house for her to check.

The doctor checked suhani's pulse with her hand and looked at Yuhaan

"I am sorry......if you would have brought some minutes ago....we would have treated her" she said and yuhaan's brow tightened.

It's all because of one woman and I will not let her go

|Flashback ends|

"She was the one....... because of her I couldn't save my Suhani.....and I promised to my Suhani that I will make her life a living hell" Yuhaan said


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