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I opened my eyes and met his deep dominant green orbs which seems to mesmerize me

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I opened my eyes and met his deep dominant green orbs which seems to mesmerize me.

The gap between us is too close and I haven't felt any man near me or entering my personal space.

His breath was fanning my bare neck

His green orbs which seems to have a whole galaxy in it.....his sharp yet perfect jawline.....his masculinity..........he is totally a Greek god in human form!

I was deeply looking at him when I felt something cold touching my neck.

I came back to reality and broke his eye contact before looking down at my neck and.......i saw a dagger??

"alhadiuwn laysuu jariyiyn waljariyat laysuu khayifina.........begum 'aelam 'ana ladayk shyyan bidakhilik walakin la 'ahad yastatie 'an yakhudh makan suhani" he said something which I couldn't understand.

He continued

"rubama takunin jamilat walakin yuhaan hadha lan yaqae fi hubik abdan" he said

I stared at him deeply not understanding anything. All I can say is he is giving me warnings I think so.

He noticed me staring at me with a confused look and he spoke

"Begum.....from now on you are my wife and I am your husband but don't expect anything from me" he said

Finally he spoke in the language I knew.

"you are just a replacement, don't except anything from me" he said

Yes ofcourse I know that. I didn't came here voluntarily to be your wife!

"agreed" she said not even bothering him with a glance

"you will be my wife in name but we won't have any relationship between us"

"agreed" as if I need a relationship with him

"and.......i love my first wife Suhani"

she looked at him with a mixed expression

Why does he want to marry me or Sarika when he have a wife already!?

Yuhaan looked at her and spoke

"I hope you understood what I said and as I told you will be my wife.......only for name my haram" he said and his word made me shocked and angry.

He removed the dagger from my neck and I looked at him

He sat down on the chair placed near by and started writing some letters.

"Come here" he said and I looked at him.

Should I go????

He looked at me with a irritated expression

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