chapter - 24

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"who was that?" Yuhaan and arush stood up as they heard a cracking sound outside

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"who was that?" Yuhaan and arush stood up as they heard a cracking sound outside.

The saw a shadow pass by the curtains.

"Someone heard it! Damn"

Daarika closed her chamber door with a loud noise.

Her face looked as if she couldn't bear what she heard.

Her legs have up making her fall on the floor and her fragile figure broke.

Tears in eyes.....weight in her heart.

"A-am I the reason f-for her death?" She asked herself.

Yes, she was the one who heard Yuhaan's conversation by accident.

"E-everyone betrayed m-me......why? "

"It wasn't my fault that I am his daughter" an tear fell from her eyes

"It wasn't my fault that his wife died" another tear fell from her eyes.


Daarika was summoned to the general's palace.

"General" Daarika greeted Asan

"Daarika, we got an royal edict stating that some enemies from sultanate are carrying gun powders inside out country. So, i appoint you as the in charge of this case." Asan said

"We also got a statement saying that the gun powders are carried in a greenish yellow palak" Asan added

Daarika nodded

"I will be going to the entrance with Krish and Rudra general. Let me take my leave" Daarika said and made her way out of the mansion.

Then she informed Rudra and Krish about it and all the three made their way to the entrence.

They were checking each and everyone passing out and inside the city when Krish and Daarika spotted a greenish yellow palak coming in a very high speed towards the entrance.

Krish stopped the palak and Daarika looked inside and spotted a man and a woman who was crying in pain.

Daarika called Krish and spoke to him in a husky voice.

"I think she is suffering from labour pain, let's send them in"

"Are you crazy Daaru? General told this palak was the one carrying gun powders. Maybe that lady was acting so that they would be going in without any problem" Krish stated.

Daarika looked at the lady and at the man who was looking at his wife and was comforting her.

Her heart want to let them go but it was a emergency. Her hands clenched and she made her heart stone and said

"Guards, search the palak" she said making her heart stone hearing the lady's cries

The guards started searching the palak and an guard came to her and reported

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