chapter -2

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After lots of struggle and pain, Daarika managed to apply medicine in her wounds and take bath

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After lots of struggle and pain, Daarika managed to apply medicine in her wounds and take bath.

She came out and dressed in a plain brown dress with a armour (army dress). She combed her long hair and made it a bun.

She looked herself in the mirror. She is not happy......happy with this life.

Women in her age used to ardour their hair with colourful clips and sometimes flowers.......

But her life is completely different...... different from those women who were wishing to be married to someone handsome and rich.

"This is all because of him...." Her hand clenched

She sighed and went to her training.

Well, Daarika was sent here *aheem* dragged to this hell when she was 9.
After her father left her here.....
She was forced to train as a warrior.
As a girl, it was so hard for her to show her physical strength compared to the boys.
The most terrific thing is in those days men or boys are Only allowed to join military and train so, Daarika was struck to be with boys since then.

At first when she heard it she was scared to the core. She thought they may behave improperly or might bully her for being a girl but when she gone there they treated her like their sister except few.

After her father left her, Azan was like her father figure. He always takes care and protect Daarika from everyone since her childhood like his own daughter. Even though he was forced to train me.....he as a general must follow the king's order.
He tried to not punish me but his left hand man......Rohan , always finds a way to double her punishment.

He is always pointing Daarika and dragging her into lots of mess. She doesn't know why he was against her.
One thing for sure is he hate her.

Krish and Rudra became her friends when she was twelve. Even since no boys dared to even touch her single hair.
Daarika have a crush on Krish since long time but never said outside.

Same goes to Krish and Rudra can see their love openly.

"You are here ...master told me to call you urgently and you came" Rudra said

Daarika's eyebrows clashed in confusion

"Master called me all of sudden?"why?" She questioned him

"Don't know but he was looking tensed" he said.

Daarika without wasting any time she went to the court.

She entered the court and saw her master, general Azan and Rohan walking here and there.

She went to them and greeted them

"Master..... choti master did you call me" she asked them.

They looked at her and Azan spoke

"Palace guards told that some guards along with a royal announcement are waiting in the entrance of west city" he said.

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