chapter- 15

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|D A A R I K A Pov|

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|D A A R I K A Pov|

Daarika turned back and saw herself surrounded by soldiers.

She looked at him who was gently patting a eagle in his hands.

"I thought you would be smart" he said breaking the silence.

"You proved it wrong" he continued while patting the eagle.

"Daarika" he said and shivers ran down my spine.

"You made a wrong move" he said and I looked at his green orbs which had no emotions.

"Let's give you punishment so that none tries to go against me again. Not even you" he said and his eyes met mine.

Punishment.......the word I am scared of...

|H I N D kingdom|

"My lord. Now yuvraj died. There is no male heir for the throne who will govern the country" one minister said.

Chandra shekhar who was sitting on the throne was in deep thoughts. His mind was somewhere else when he heard a minister say

"Your position is at strike. Please decide something my lord. I think it would be best if you marry a woman and produce a heir for the Kingdom. " One more minister said

Chandrashekhar looked at him

"We all agree with him your highness. Please get married " and other ministers joined him.

Soon the room was filled with requests for the king to get married

"There is no need for it!" Everyone looked at the entrance and saw yamini standing there. She came inside the royal court along with her attendees.

She stood infront of the ministers.

"Now we might don't have a son but we have a son In law to rule Hind " she said smiling and Chandra shekhar looked at her confused

"Son in law? " Others wispered

" Are you talking about Yuhaan?" Chandra shekhar asked

Yamini shook her head and said

"Sarika's husband" she said

Chandrashekhar stood up from his throne.


"princess Sarika got married??"

"Who was he?"

"Was it her lover"

Many questions rose between the people.

Yamini asked to be quite and called someone.

"Here comes my daughter Sarika and her husband Krish" she said proudly while the couple entered the palace.

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