chapter -3

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|capital of Hind|

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|capital of Hind|

Daarika,general and others came to capital by the next day afternoon.

Daarika looked at the street outside and smiled.

"It's still the same .....noisy and bargaining" she wispered seeing the people.

The place didn't change after all but she changed completely.

The one who is scared to Even speak with others is now a brave one.

After she was sent to the military academy which is in the west city, the other side of the kingdom, Daarika never heard and spoke with anyone from here. She lost all the connection she had.

Soon, the grandly decorated palace came into view as they went near it.

"We are here" the palace guard said.

"Let's get down Daarika" azan said.

|Daarika's pov|

I looked at him and at the palace.
I don't really want to come to this s#itty place but what do I do? I was left with no option.

I slowly got down and looked at the palace entrance.

We spotted some guards standing. Once they saw us they came and greeted us.

"Princess.....king is waiting for you in his chamber, please follow us" he said.

His chamber?? Why??

I looked at azan hoping he will come but he stopped and stood with Rohan, his right hand man.

I sighed and followed the guard.

I looked at the palace on my way to the king's chamber.

Golden colour painted wall with red curtains and green marble floors.

The palace once I was forbidden to enter was now inviting me? *Chuckle*

Soon the guard left me near a room and informed my arrival to the king.

He said king asked me to come inside .

With hesitation and a nervousness I opened the door and saw him reading some royal scripts.

I went to him and bowed to him unwilling

"Greetings your majesty....why do you want my presence here?" I asked in my as much as possible humble voice but inside I was just wanted to shout.

"You are here. Good. Get ready, you are getting married in five days " he said shocking me to the core.

"W-what?!" I wanted to shout at him  but words came like wispers

He took a seat hear his bed and spoke

"You heard it are going to get married and also with the king of sultanate" he said

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