chapter -10

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|yuhaan's camp|

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|yuhaan's camp|

|Daarika's pov|

I opened my eyes slightly and looked at my surroundings.

I was in his chamber??

I looked around and found some maids standing with their head down.

" woke up, let me help you" aruhi said and helped me get up.

"How did I end up here?" I asked her

She looked at me and said

"I don't know princess, sultan asked us to take care of you and call the doctor" she said.

He did? But why??? Is he applying medicine on my wound after hurting me???

I was about to speak up when a guard rushed up.

"Choti begum........ sultan asked your presence immediately in his chamber, please come with me" he said bowing.

My presence?? Again?? God what he wants now?

I sighed and covered my face with Vail and left the chamber following the guard.

|Yuhaan pov|

Daarika........what's your real aim in coming here?? What's the real aim if chandrashekhar?? Why he was despite to marry his daughter to me? Even when his younger daughter ran Away?

This girl is so mischievous...............
A woman warrior as per my knowledge. But why? Why was a princess made to be a warrior?

I looked at the pendent in my hand.

"Suhani..........." Her name left from his mouth as he clenched the pendent.

"It's time for me to know about my new wife" he smirked.

"Ask my begum to meet me" i said to the guard in my deep manly voice and he shivered hearing my voice.

He replied "yes sultan" and went from there.

I smirked at his reaction. Everyone fears hearing my fame and my power.

"I will know your true intentions soon begum"

|Daarika pov|

I entered his chamber which was filled with dark curtains and a dark vibe, a bad vibe too.

The guard left me outside and I went inside.

I entered his chamber and saw him reading some documents.

"Sultan, you asked my presence" i said.

"Yes begum. Come let's eat our dinner" he said and I looked at him shocked.

It became already night?

He patted a place near his bed. I don't want to make him angry again as already because of disobeying him I got a scratch on my neck. I sat down near him slowly while maintaining a great distance.

"Good. I hope you learnt your lesson. Well, does it hurts" he said looking at my neck.

I felt him caressing my neck softly and for a moment I felt like I got mesmerized no, obsessed with his touch. I never thought a man's touch will affect me this much.

He caressed my neck and touched the area where the wound was present.
A small moun left my mouth. I hizzed in pain

"Does it hurts" he asked

I didn't reply anything.

Suddenly his hand garbbed mh neck and started choking me. I struggled in his grip. I felt like I am not getting any breath. I started coughing while tears made its way. I looked at him with pleading eyes with tears.

"P-please--" i struggled with words.

Suddenly I started feeling dizzy and I felt like my breath getting stopped. I gave up..............

I was about to collapse when I felt his hand grip leave me. His grip left my neck and I started coughing.

It took some minutes to catch my breath. I looked at him with teary eyes.

None treated me like this..........but him...

"Come and serve me" he said in his cold voice.

I am enduring all this for Krish.......for myself.....for my dream to rule Hind.

I stood up and moved near him unwillingly and served him his dinner.

He had his dinner

"May I take my leave sultan?" I asked him.

He looked at me and spoke

" my son, " he said shocking me to the core.



How this part made you feel?????

Son?????? Whom does you think????

Is that the son of Yuhaan and suhani????

Who is suhani????

Why Yuhaan married Daarika?????

Why chandrashekhar was frim in his decision to have allience with the sultanate?????

Will Daarika achieve her goal?????

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