chapter -25

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"did you call me, sultan?" Daarika asked looking at Yuhaan who was sharpening the arror with a blade in his hands

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"did you call me, sultan?" Daarika asked looking at Yuhaan who was sharpening the arror with a blade in his hands.

Her voice made him tilt his head towards her.

"Begum" his deep manly voice made her body chill as she heard him.

There was no one except him and Daarika in the garden, not even maids

Yuhaan stood up and came near Daarika with the arrow in his hands. Daarika's eyes looked at his hand and a sudden feeling of insecurity developed in her mind.

"Will be kill me?"

Yuhaan took steps towards her and her legs started moving back. Suddenly Daarika tripped on a stone and fell down. Yuhaan bent towards her figure and placed the arrow in her neck.

"Come and help me with this" he said making her come back from her thoughts.

"Huh?" Daarika asked confused which made Yuhaan smile slightly.

Do devils know to smile?

"I heard you are very skilled and knowledgeable" His hands made the arrow to move to the collar bone from the neck. Daarika's breath hinched as it was so sensetive for her.

"Help me hunt a tiger" he said

"H-huh?" She said

"There is a tiger in this forest, I heard that you are skilled-" he was cut by

"I don't know" she said

"What ?" Yuhaan looked at her. Daarika looked to the ground and said

"I don't know how to shoot an arrow" she said

"What? You don't know such a small thing but was claiming yourself as the warrior princess?" His voice raged up.

Daarika's crystal blue eyes looked at his raging green eyes with anger.

"You don't know what I had gone through to be in this don't know nothing about me or my life , how I have suffered nothing except my name and that so called warrior princess title" Daarika murmured enough to be heard by Yuhaan


"Nor I am interested in sharing my tragetic life with you" she said and turned to leave when Yuhaan garbbed her hand and pulled her back.

"I have no interest in learning about you" he said

"Leave me!" She said

"Since you don't know, i will teach you begum" he said and forcefully garbbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

Her back collided with his body due to the sudden coalition.


He took a bow and a arrow and made her hold it.

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