CHAPTER 32 - catch him up

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constant urge to stare at her”

Ananya was able to feel him heat up and herself in his arms for a minute she forgot everyone's presence around his office and was submerged in his eyes as well, he leaned to kiss her but she leaned back and was hesitating this time, she was thinking twice about everything happened and was recalling whatever cost she paid for that one night, she was nervous yet irresistible

"What happened" Reyansh Asks

And she nodes to nothing she was quite scared too.

Before Reyansh could kiss her, he hears someone opening the door of Rishabh's cabin and it was Rishabh himself
Rishabh walks in without knocking and in a hurry tone

"Guys I guess I..." Before he could complete he notices them close to eachother and lacking distances

"Fuck sorry" he says and turns around

While ananya was embarrassed, but Reyansh was disappointed , he notices ananya wants to stood up and maintain her distance so he pulled her on his lap again

"Rishabh close the door and scome here" he orders

"Reyansh choro mujhe" ananya whispers in a cold voice

"Sharma toh aise rhi ho jaise hamare beech kabhi kuch hua hi nhi hai" he answers back in the same whisper with a sarcastic smile

"Rishabh bolo kya pata chala?" Says while making him sit infront of him

"Woh..." He looks at them and says "aap dono exiess ho ya.." Rishabh asks

"Exiess hi hai" says ananya

"Dikh rha" answers Rishabh

"Do we need to give you an explanation Rishabh? Jo pucha hai woh bata tu, and yes well I forced her to sit on my lap, koi dikkat?" He looks at him and says on a serious note

"N-no s-sir but gussa kyu hote hai aap" says Rishabh

"Tell us what did you spot"  he says

"Sir... Ek cheez I understood ki Jo software use hua hai in this hacking is very expensive and ye selective log hi use kar sakte jaise ki dark web and the security company owners" Rishabh says

"What kind of security company owners?" Reyansh questions

"Jaise ki.. look ek company hai and you are the employee there waha ke employees Jo service provide karte hai on call they use this expensive software to maintain their privacy but iska use illegally kiya Jaa sakta hai jaise ki hacking and all woh kaafi come logo ko pataa hota hai, online business jaise start krte hai toh we can't answer everyone's text in order but we can set some software jo help kar sakta hai ki hamare messages in a bot form frequently customers Tak pahoch jaye, waise hi ye bhi use kar sakte hai for example" rishabh turns his laptop towards him

"Ye dekho aap, ye hamara group hai official where we talk about personal things or ye limited logo ko.." he looks at ananya and then looks at Reyansh

"Ananya...walk off from the cabin  for a minute just stay out there and don't leave"

Ananya was suspiciously staring at the screen of the laptop and she was trying to analyse something, was in her own thoughts and out of zone

Reyansh first looks at the screen and then her and says "Ananya?"

She suddenly gets out of her thinking and says "ha?"

"Leave, for some minutes I will see you outside the cabin I said.." he says in a polite tone

She nodes and stoods up from his lap, her eyes were still at the screen and she was all up to take her phone back and walk out from Rishabh's cabin

"Leave your phone here only we need to check up on it as well" Reyansh commands

She at first hesitates and then takes a deep breath walking out of his cabin with no expressions on her face
But it was really easy for Reyansh to understand that something is wrong with her and she definitely spot something on the screen which he was not able to

He the focus on the screen and Rishabh's explanation about what and how the software works

"Did you noticed something?" Asks Reyansh

"Yes, she was weird why did she reacted to the group so suspiciously" asks Rishabh

"Sir, are you sure ki aap ananya ke baare main utne hi ache se jaante hai jitna ache se woh khud ko?" Rishabh speaks

"Matlab?" Asks Reyansh

"You just think about it ye GPS aka software inke phone main tabhi install hosakta hai when she will give it to somebody right? Or as you said aapko inse waapas mile hue ho 6 mahine hue hai but this was installed 10 months before till now and abhi unka itna suspicious behaviour just looking at screen was that normal?" Asks Rishabh

"Leave it, pehle software ke details batao" says Reyansh when he was himself trying to connect these dots in his mind

" yup jaise ye group hai here like mere side se kuch messages yaha is group main girte hai, toh aap ye sochoge na ki ye maine messages daale hai? But you know maine daale hi nhi honge, it's because of the software khair ye hamare kaam ka nhi but kaam ka ye hai ki if because of some software ye messages iss group main aa sakte hai then obviously read bhi kr sakte hai, dekh bhi sakte hai and probably pure software ko capture bhi kar sakte hai, that's how it works" says Rishabh

"Isn't this too complicated? But why will somebody install in her phone or gadget?" Says Reyansh

Where on the other hand ananya outside the room was not able to process what she just saw in the group that one name in her mind was creating chaos her mind was trying to not humilate her own instinct because she was out of words and her senses she was just roaming around in her own thinking outside the cabin.
While it was already sunset and the dark night was again ready to  begin she was staring at the sky from the window near the cabin's edge gate


This chapter was all about suspense and chaos that's why the smut is postponed for the next upcoming chapter to make it spicy yet thrilling.

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