CHAPTER 31 - fishy

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"chaos around"


Everyone in the cabin were confused and looking at eachother. Rishabh looks at Reyansh but he was staring at Ananya without a blink while ananya was looking down and thinking about something

Reyansh in his mind - I wish I could stare at you for longer and listen to you longer, I wish I could keep my feelings infront of you in my words but I am really worse at it..
She is pretty like this one song "ISHQ MUBARAK" maybe more than this song but it really defines in what situation we are currently...
Kaash main tumhare dimaag ko bhi utne  shiddat se padh pata ki ye uljhe dhaage suljha paata, per uss kaabil bhi nhi smjha shayad tumne.

While Reyansh was looking at her and was overthinking about every moment on the other hand ananya was looking down thinking -

What's wrong with me I am falling again and again for the same person who is hurting me everytime and every point of life, is manifestation real? I definitely should not what if it's all planned again..

Rishabh *coughs* and both of them get distracted from whatever they were thinking

Ananya looks up and her eyes directly met to Reyansh's and he start staring down to earth

Rishabh was just noticing each and every moment of Reyansh to figure out what's wrong with him, here Reyansh to divert his mind from all those stuffs revolving around in his head, so he went near the software system of Rishabh and sat beside Rishabh facing his laptop towards him, Rishabh turns around to look at ananya and make sure that she is not paying attention towards them
He turns back to Reyansh and asks

"Kabhi itna invested aapko nhi dekha" he says

"Mtlb?" Reyansh asks while typing on his laptop

" as you said aapki...ex kaun hai ye? Itna dhyaan se without even a blink you were staring at her making sure that your eyes don't even miss a single moment of her" Rishabh questions

Reyansh stops and questions to himself in his brain "am I making it obvious" he says to himself

"Aap bolenge?" Rishabh asks

"No..I mean she was just my ex...we dated for some months years back ...or bss I met her again it's ...nothing like that I was just a...aa...fling" Reyansh says in his cold voice while he was regretting his words in his heart as well because she was never a fling but someone he can never forget and never will

"Your ex..." Rishabh smiles "yeah...aapke chehra dekh ker pehle koi nhi bata sakta tha ki aapke dimaag main kya chal rha hai but now... Just because of this one "fling" everything is so obvious on your face So... Mr. Reyansh Rudra Agnihotri...are love?" Rishabh whisper near to him

"Ofcourse no..or ..look at her she is not eveny type kuch bhi mat bolo" says Reyansh

Ananya stoods up from the couch and walks towards them, so they make everything normal infront of her instead of making her realise she was the topic of discussion between them right 2 minutes before, she looks at them with a questionable eyes

"Tumlog...mujhe left out- " before she could complete
Rishabh asks her "aree no no aap baitho idher mere bagal main na" then he looks at Reyansh who was staring and him and Rishabh smirks

Ananya smiles and says "thankyou" she sat next to him

"Acha haa main aapko bataa deta hu ki ek baar software detect hojayega toh ham hacker ka pataa lagaa lenge" Rishabh says to ananya

It's not that easy to make Reyansh jealous over anything because he knows if he want anything from the core of his heart he would either snatch it way or make it his in whatever way it will cost
So at that point it was normal for him and he calmed himself making sure he is not making his sneaky jealousy obvious on his face

Rishabh whispers in his ears "jo bhi ho aapka breakup agar hogya hai then can I try on...her?"

Reyansh curled his fist in anger and that was something Rishabh should not have asked for

"Ananya?" Reyansh says in a soft voice

"Hmm?" She says

"What about dating someone? Or will you even date someon?" He asks

She was a bit confused that what the fuck he is asking

"No" she says

Reyansh in a loud voice "look Rishabh you are rejected right on your face, actually  he just wanted to try on you but you yourself... rejected"

Rishabh was panicked and looks at her "arre nhi Aisa kuch nhi hai...woh bss main..."

"Rishabh...chill I know he is just too nonchalant, dhyaan mat do" she says

"Wdym? Tum keh rhi ho main beparwah hu?" Reyansh asks

"Okey...okey..calm down aap dono ladoo mat Mera cabin hai yrrr" says Rishabh

"Or mera office so shut the fuck up" says Reyansh

"I mean yess sir but...wait mereko kuch kaam hai I will be back in 10 minutes"  Rishabh says and ananya looks at him while leaving from cabin in hurry and he slams the door

While here both of them were now alone, before letting ananya turn towards at him he just pulled her by her chair closer to his chair making her stare at him in shock they both were close at eachother and that intense eye contact between them was unbreakable the tension was unexplainable

Ananya gulps in nervousness and was finding a way to look away from him but she was not able to, so he held her wrist making her get on his lap from the chair rubbing his hands on her thighs he was able to feel her soft skin underneath

"You said... I am nonchalant... Well don't you think I was more when I fucked you that night?" He asks

"W-what do you mean" she was not able to proceed because she was stunned with his sudden change in his behaviour

"R-reyansh look it's your office again...but it's not your cabin...put your hands off and let me just..." Before she could complete

"You just turn me provoke me to prove myself that I am not someone you think..I'm definitely different to you" while he gets closer to her lips and his hands move closer to her inner thighs she was able to feel his cozy hands even above from the clothes she was was getting her wet she was nervous..where he was just catching up all her moments he notices how nervous she is just by that one touch...

"R-reyansh he will come back...what if he looked at us in this way..." Ananya was trying to stop him

"Let him..should know you belong to me"  says Reyansh

"Kitna bhi try karlo you can never resist when its me, kitna bhi durr Jana chaahogi...fir bhi you will ask for me" he says while looking at her lips and her eyes constantly


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