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"Bow down, love."

Ananya's pov

I pulled him away even after knowing how possessive he is for me, his eyes were totally curled up because of my sudden behaviour- yes he kissed me, but at that moment i was not able to process how to react infront of this beast- today i saw his that side which was hidden from me for years, he killed someone infront of me.
I can never forget the scenerio i faced today, it was brutual & insesnsitive.
His hand was bleeding he hurted himself as well.

"Stay away Reyansh- do not kiss me." Ananya utters to him

"No i am not staying away i am just unaliving these humans just to make you mine, bow fucking down to the king love." He says while looking deep into her eyes trying to force her back into the kiss

She pulls him away with extreme anger and says in a low voice "kill me if you must, but i shall not bow down to a king who wears a crown studded with jewels of every life he has ended"

She cleans up the mess keeping the furst aid box aside and standing up to leave his room he was still sat there while she reached to the edge of his room's door
She looks behind her, found him sat there with no moment & says

"Bandage hataana mat warna khoon itni mushkil se ruka hai woh-" before she could complete he stoods up

"I am going to take bath, leave my room" he says and moves ahead

Being done with his behaviour ananya nodes and leaves, she sees the clock was striking to 4:00 am already, last night was not less than a nightmare for her & for everyone she was walking downstairs, and goes near the couch leaning towards it, so many thoughts were processing in her brain she was having a lot of questions, which were not answered yet

Where on the other hand Reyansh after taking bath he covers himself with his bathrobe and went on the terrace where his ciggarettes & alcohol was placed by Mihir, he was crossing his hands and waiting for him

Ignoring his presence Reyansh lights up his cigs & pours a lil amt of alcohol in his glass leaning towards the edge of the wall he inhales his cigs.

"Bhai, kya tha woh? are you insane?"  Mihir asks.

Ignoring his questions, Reyansh asks "aaj kaunsi meeting hai?

"Aap mera question ignore kyu kar rhe hai?" Mihir asks.

After he asked this to him he gives a death glare to mihir makimg him flinch for a mili second

" meeting hai raat main world's each and every deadly businessmen, will be present there, raat 9 baje se 12 baje tak" Mihir utters

"Great" Reyansh answers while exhaling the smoke and taking a sip from his drink

Where on Ananya's side she was tired & done with all these stuffs happening with her, thinking abt all of it when she fell asleep on the couch, nobody knew.

After an hour or 2 Reyansh & Mihir Together head down stairs to the mansion's hall & both of their eyes fell on Ananya sleeping peacefully but the stress on her face visible

Reyansh was half drunk, but was in a conscious state he was staring at her from a distance was not able to control himself but get closer to her physical appearance he went towards her and leans himself near her face sitting on the floor on his knees

He wanted to touch her he got his hands closer to her cheeks but steps back he was hesitating to do so

"Dejà vu" mihir speaks in a low voice near to them

Reyansh looks at him with a confused expression

"When Mayank entered into the room and she was sleeping at your room's couch you scolded" mihir continues

"Hmm...let her sleep if i will try to lift her up in my room she will probably wake up" he nods and stoods up

"Say roohi to get her a blanket & cover her up" He orders.

"Ji bhai" mihir answers

Reyansh gets a call and he leaves the hall and went upstairs to his room to answer it

"Roohi, suno"  Mihir says when he sees roohi walking into the kitchen to drink water

"Ek blanket laake ma'am ko odha do please" he requests

Roohi nodes & went to get one, after a min she came back and covered ananya with a blanket

They both were standing  near her and Roohi was staring at her thinking smth

"Kya hua? What are you up with?" Mayank questions

"Nothing...just worried abt her medical & mental condition, she is going thru so much...or tab bhi kisi ko chain nhi" roohi murmers

"You mean...bhai?" Mihir questions

Roohi was silent & mihir got his answer

"Look...bhai would never do smth that will not be in ma'am's favour, woh bahot devoted hai and he loves her a lot, or roohi tum toh humari family doctor ho plus Mayank ki wife jab tum ho toh hame inki fikar karne ki kya zarurat or aisa bilkul bhi nhi hai ki bhai suffer nhi kr rhe.. he is suffering as well"  mayank confronting

"Oh? Tabhi i- pills di thi dudh main milaaker & she is unknown to it" roohi smiles with a disappointment & leaving mihir shocked and confused

They both were having a converstation between them but was unaware that ananya was listening to them all, she was terrified- hurted & totally shattered after listening to what he did- to her

She wanted to just wake up and go to him & slap him, ask him what he wants from her why he did that to her
She knew he would have no answer to her questions, but she wanted him to realize his mistake wanted him to get known to how does it feels when you lie to someone you say that you are obsessed and in fondness of.
With this statement & thinking she controlled her tears.


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