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"She suddenly felt a blush of desire craving to touch him until she remembered what choosing him would mean"

(Reyansh's bedroom)

"Listen do not dare to leave this room i have some work but my eyes would be on you, toh dhyaan se alright?" He commands her

"Hahaha, jaise tum bologe or mai sunlungi? Tumhare log mujhe khaajayenge kya?" She says annoyingly

"Nah, not my people but if i heard that you step outside of this room, mai zarur khaa jaaunga" he says in a serious note

After changing & Buttoning his shirt, he walks out of the room, ananya confirms carefully, if he left or not

"He said Mihir ki files Stydy room mai rkh do mtlb ki this room contains no information to check on, per fur iss bhool bhulaiya waale manison main mai ek study room kaha se dhundu?, dhundna toh durr ki baat hai ye mujhe iss room se bahar bhi na nikalne de" she says to herself

She walks towards the window looking outside where he was talking to somebody and was leaving in his car

"Chalo ye idiot gya" she says while taking a deep breath, but then hears someone opening the room's door

??- HEY ANANYA !! how are you?

"I-i am fine, but who are you?" She asks weirdly

"Maybe aap mujhe jaanti naa ho but, Roohi this side !!" Says Roohi

"Aye aye wait ROOHI??? Reyansh ki prsnl doctor, i mean family doctor, Mayank ki wife??? HAINAA" ananya asks curiously

"H-haa you know me? Wow kabhi Reyansh ne bataya nhi ki aap mujhe jaanti hai" she says

"Aree mai ananya, Reyansh ki..." she stops and looks down

"Ki..." Roohi says giggling to her "kii..guest???" She says to light her up

"Haa.. wahi guest, mai toh tumhe bahot pehle se jaanti like 4 years back jab usse pehli injury aai thi, tabse that hand one and that head one bhi..but how you recognized me?" ananya says while smiling to her

"Kya mtlb, aapko yaha hrr koi recognize karlega, afterall you were with him, past main hi sahi but, unexpectedly yaha per aapka hona is making everyone curious kyunki Reyansh ne kisi ko bataya tak nhi" Roohi says

"Haa woh tomorrow's event, bss as a guest i came here to just you know maa or Aisha" ananya says

("Ayesha" is ananya's sister but "Aisha" is Reyansh's closest friend, both are different persons")

"Acha mai please ye mansion dekh sakti hu... please na look mana mt karna i know i am wearing his shirt and he must have told you to keep an eye on me, but trust i would just take 10 min please Roohi" ananya says

"Aree..ahh ok but dhyaan se, kuch rooms hai jaha kisi ka bhi akele jana is prohibited, jaise ki... Library & his study room, toh waha mat jana aap " Roohi says

"Alright...waise prohibited kyu? And where it is? Mtlb mujhe pata hoga tab hi toh mai usse ignore karungi" she says in a way to manipulate her

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