CHAPTER 30 - Hacker

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trust worthy?"

"Trust me I have no clue about the picture I swear ananya." Reyansh claims

"Trust you? Huh.. well I will trust an outsider than you" she says it while having her pills
"Yahi baat karni thi? Khtm hogyi? Now leave wisely" she asks him while he was sitting on the floor near her ankles

"It's not safe for you to be here, mere saath chalo" he asks her

"Nahi" she says

He held her hands and dragged her out of the room to downstairs both Divi & sakshi were looking at him and asks him to calm down

Reyansh gives them a death glare and says "stop interrupting between us, behtar hoga, this time I won't tolerate it"

He makes ananya sit inside his car forcefully where she tries her best to get out of his grips

"Dekho Mr. Agnihotri ye din dahaadhe kidnapping achi nhi lagti main-" ananya says

"Main kya haa?? Police main complain karogi? Yaa fir mujhe maarogi? Kidnap nhi kar rha hu tumhe, meri baat nhi sunti ho isliye zabardasti karni padhti hai" he says while leaning near her face & makes an intense eye contact

"Keh bhi kaun rha hai?" She says

He smirks and takes out her phone from his pocket looking at her

"Wow, toh ab itni buri haalat hogyi hai ki Bangalore iss mahaan businessman ko phone churana padh rha hai" says ananya taunting him

"Haa mauhtarma, aapke liye chor bhi bnn jaayenge kyunki aapne toh hamaari baat Sunni nhi hai ye sab krna hi padhta hai" he says while unlocking her phone

"Tumhe password kaise pata?" She asks

"Mujhe apno ki hrr ek cheez ka pata hota hai" he murmers looking at her phone

"Wait...tumhara phone cloned kaise hai?" He looks at her phone carefully

"Kya mtlb? Cloned? Wdym?" She looks at him

"Gps hai isme..or kaafi time se hai- ek min this is something fishy" he says and rings to someone from his phone

"Haa Rishabh, Reyansh this side- I want to get a device checked or ye tumhe main directly Dene waala hu kyunki it's confidential" Reyansh says it on the call while ananya was confused and was connecting the dots in her brain

On the other side Rishabh one of his Z+ security hacker team member says "haa koi dikkat nhi sir, aap jab bolenge it would be done but uske liye aapko office aana padega"

"Kitne der main hojayega?" Reyansh asks

"Mereko 10 min bss Dena I would get it" Rishabh answers

"Good" Reyansh says and cuts the call, he looks at ananya in frustration

Ananya looks at him innocently

"Ab bolo maine Kiya hai, now say gps maine lagaya hai saari info main track kr rha hu paagalo ki trh when I can myself keep an eye over you" he says to her

"Kya pata?" Ananya says it while getting on his nerves

"I swear to god-" Reyansh stops himself from saying smth which his institution were about to expose his love

"Kya?" She asks

"Nothing" he looks away and starts his car to drive towards Rishabh's office and switches off her phone

(After 30 min)

They reach at their destination and proceeds to walk in, in the office, while everybody was staring at Reyansh because it's rare to see their boss all the time & this time he was with a girl his Z+ security team has no clue about who is ananya but she was walking beside him so they were aware of the fact that she is somebody really close to him because no body has guts to match their footsteps with somebody who stays away from people

He walks in without knocking in Rishabh's room "Hey Rishabh" he says, while Rishabh was talking to someone on his laptop (gf gf ifykyk)

"Oh fuck" he gets panicked and slams his laptop like a shit "sir knock toh karliya Karo" Rishabh says while stuttering

"What did you say?" Reyansh asks him with a serious voice

"I mean... S-sorry, waise..." Rishabh gets closer to Reyansh and whispers in his ears "ye kaun hai?"

Reyansh looks at him and smiles, he whispers back "meri ex"

"What the actual fuck" rishabh screams "ye kab hua... I mean ye kab hui... Mtlb kaise..."

"Chill, I will tell you baad main...btw ananya phone" Reyansh asks her to hand it over to him

"Churaya shyd tumne tha, or mujhse maang rhe ho?" She cross questions

Rishabh giggles and asks "sir chori kabse??"

"I won't mind slapping you if you keep on yapping rishabh, just look at it seriously first" Reyansh says in anger

Rishabh takes it in his hands and says "okey fir aap dono baitho, would get two cups of coffee tabtak main check karleta hu"

They nodes.

(After 20 minutes)

"Rishabh you said tu 10 min main malfunctioning spot karlega, abhi tak nhi huaz what's wrong?" Reyansh asks

"First look at this, as you said isme kuch gps ka chakkar hai and I definitely deep studied it but-" Rishabh says

"But kya?" Reyansh asks

"But jisne gps lagaya hai uski location, ya jis phone se clone hai uski location yaa fir gps kab lagaya uska data kuch bhi haath nhi aa rha, infact look at this yaha se I tried specialised vpns as well but Aisa koi evidence nhi hai ki ye device cloned hai" Rishabh says

"You mean? Iska phone cloned nhi hai?" Asks Reyansh

"Cloned hai but uska koi proof nhi hai ki cloned hai" says Rishabh

"Ye software se clone hua hai?" Asks Reyansh

"Nhi, gps install kisi ke phone main karne ke liye you need the person's phone for atleast 10 min" says Rishabh

"But Mera phone hamesha mere paas hi rehta hai I have given it to no one" says ananya

"Nahi ma'am ye device kisi ke toh haatho main gya hai, warna cloning isn't possible or ek or cheez sir ye almost 10 mahine se hai inke phone main plus isse remove bhi woh particular person hi kar sakta hai jisne install Kiya hai, also chats call and everything can be heard, seen through this type of cloning or yaha tak ki kaha Jaa rhi hai kya krr rhi hai can be spotted too, woh toh achi baat hai ki you switched off the phone before coming here warna hacker would have calculated all his theories and possibility hai ki it would be really threatening, kaafi advance hai hacker"  Rishabh confirms

"10 mahine? Mujhe or ananya ko mile hue ho 6 mahine hue hai, so you mean someone was having an eye on her before I existed in her life again" Reyansh was in his own thoughts

"It's good ki usse pata naa rhe ki you guys came across abt the gps thing otherwise he would try to attack your devices too" says ananya

Kaun hai ye hacker? What he wants?

Next chapter soon

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