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"What a massive responsiblity, being a moral creature"

Hii, myself Ananya
I was a cheerful girl but some demons in my life took away my charm, made me leave my city and flew away from the place where i belonged too
I have seen a lot of dark phases in my life & ended up being the victim, but i have moved on and i am healing tho
I work in a coffee shop in Bangalore, India
Yes i moved there
Surviving here is a bit difficult but inspite of thinking negative and putting myself down why not to just go with the flow?
There's one of my fellow mate in the coffee shop name Divi, only close friend of mine in this whole unknown city
But something is really suspicious in the air of Bangalore, the area where i work the shops shuts down after 9:00 pm
Because of my whole time work and late night shifts i stay here late night, i hear gun shots and someone screaming for help and mercy it always fears my soul and shiversme from outside
But now it has become my habit anw.

(Current happenings)

( Evening 7:00 pm)

Weather is very crucial and unpredictible the weather reports says it will rain heavily today.

Divi - Ananya we have to go home early today otherwise we will be stucked out here

Ananya - ik, but we have late night shift today & duty is must, yk our manager ryt? He wont allow us to leave before the time

Divi - c'mon we will give some excuse and yk what even this area gets intense at night if we get stuck here we will definitely threat our life too

Ananya - ugh, you go i will manage it alone today

Divi - hmm, you sure you won't come?

Ananya - i had already took leave many a times, so yeah i am ok with it you go stay safe lovely will meet tomorrow

Divi - alr alr, bbye good night

(Ananya's pov)

Mana toh kardiya hai per ab khud bhi smjh nhi aa rha ki kaise waapas jaaungi late night or aise mausam main, khair kaam zada important hai

Rajveer (manager) - Ananya? Where is Divi?

Ananya - Sir she left early because of weather outside

Rajveer - but you won't *rude tone*

Ananya - y-yeah

(Ananya's pov)

Pata nhi kyu 3 ghante ka intezaar koya maine ek customer nhi aaya or ab 12 bajne ko hai koi cab bhi nhi milegi iss samay-
I was arranging the tables and plates but suddenly i heard the bell outside the cafè, i looked at the clock it was striking at 11:30, ab itni raat mai kisse coffee pini hai uper se bahar itni baarish- (the bell rang again) i ran towards the gate to welcome the customer whoever has come.
Usually at night there are only those vip or businessmen who come to our cafè for late night meetings but this one was an alone guy

Ananya - welcome to our-
(He didn't let me complete my sentence and went towards the table)
Ananya - ajeeb aadmi hai welcome tak karne nhi diya *mumurs*

I stand beside his chair to ask him his order

Ananya - Sir your order please

(He was looking down on the table but when i spoke that sentence he looked up and scanned me from head to toe, then looked away but the way he looked at me it was really creepy he was totally wet, yet he look hawt and probably a creep too, idk he looked cute to me )

He - Black coffee. *Looking away in a husky voice*

Ananya - Anything else sir?
(He stayed quite and i understood this arrogant ass wants nothing else)

Ananya - uhh.. please tell me your name so that i can confirm your order.

He - Aryan

(When i heard that name i was stunned for a second my heart skipped a beat my hands were shivering writing that name)

Ananya thinking inside - zada mat soch ananya aisa kuch bhi nhi hai jaisa tu soch rhi ye woh nhi ho sakta

I prepared his order and have served it to him he had it and when it came to payment he did it with jis Black Amex Card, i blinked my eyes twice and he left towards his car when someone opened the door, idk why but i ran behind him closing down the cafè it was still raining but somehow i managed to reach a bit close to his car

Ananya - kamaal hai, bhala koi coffee ki payment black card se karta hai- per ye tha kaun..

Then i remembered he signed on the reciept in the cafè so i go inside and take the reciept to look at it because i was curious abt him, his sign was a normal "R.R."

Ananya to herself - strange his name is Aryan and this sign is R.R.
Without thinking again i kept his signed reciept in my purse and started leaving towards my home but now the question was how will i go alone

(Aryan's pov)

Aryan thinking - "now i have to face my demons again after so many years"

?? - bhai should we head towards the place? Mr. Malhotra is on his way to head there

Aryan - no, cancel all the meetings of today, lets go back to our place.

(Ananya's pov)

Ananya to herself - i hope my past decisions won't haunt me after years all over again...


What are the Decisions she is talking abt?

Do ananya know who is Aryan? Or its just her hallucination abt someone she met in her past?

Wait for Part 2 lovelies

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