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                "Her eyes speaks alot"

(Songs suggested to play while reading this chapter)

1. Gasolina (for the dance part)
2. Tu hi hain ashiqui slowed + reverb (car part)


Ananya claps really hard, 3 times and disbalances yet stands on her feet and screams "YAAH PLAY THE FREAKING SONG"

The man with the headphones near the DJ nods to her in an agreement and plays the OG "Gasolina" song in order to match her energy.
Reyansh put his palms over his head in disbelief and was pissed off wjere on the other hand ananya was giggling and jumps over the table without thinking once abt anything she stands at the centre of the table with a wine glass and a spoon in her hands, colliding them together creating a shrill sound she was indicating everyone to pay attention over her.


Reyansh was fuming in anger but could do nothing at that point, he was glaring at Mayank and Mihir. His face was enough to elaborate how pissed he was with both of them & Ananya.
He looks at her she was in the centre of the table everybody was looking at her moves lustfully.
Her moves and every moment was enough to make them needy and irresistable
Seeing her vibing so enchantingly one of the girls came up to join her over the big table dance & now it was not more than a dance bar rather than a meeting.
Ananya was drugged.
She was unintentionally being seductive her revealing dress was playing a great role in that.
Every men sitting round the table were having their whisky and were whispering smth to eachother where Reyansh was quite and was just looking at both of them

One of the man took the oath to speak up to Reyansh and says
"Don't you think this is going way to far for you to speak up now? Or these men would end up making out with these two girls already."

Reyansh was quite yet, he answered nothing, things went far when the men stood up and were willing to dance with the girls specially Ananya as well one of them stood up on the table which made ananya disbalance a bit she was almost at an edge to fell in that men's arm he was none but Reyansh's one of the Rivals "ARHAAN SAHAANI"

It was now no more a matter to stay shut on, Reyansh imidiately stoods up and says in a loud voice "ENOUGH"
and held Ananya by her wrist and pulled her down aggressively in his arms.
Neither he can leave the meeting nor he can leave her alone so he makes her sit over the chair beside him & kneels down

"Heyyy whats wrong why are you not letting me dance JERK. HOW COULD YOU BE SOOO PATHETIC EVEN AT HOME Y-" before ananya could complete he puts his fingers on her lips and says

"Shhh, no more words, calm down and sit over here quitely Ms. Pandey." He whispers while looking at her

And then he gets on his feet and looks at Arhaan holding his collar tightly he pulls him down the table

"You are not drugged right? Who fuckin told you to stand over there and dance with these women? You know the consequences right? When you misbehave in my meetings." He warns Arhaan
"Do not try to touch this girl." He adds while looking at Ananya obsessively where she was giving him a side eye.

Everybody there went silent.

"And you, sakshi. Just get the hell down of this table its not your dad's" he scolds the girl standing over there

"Alright Alright Reyansh AKA ary, come on rude ass who scolds like that" she rolls her eyes and moves down

"Well, no matter how many years it would be, wherever ananya goes she SETS THE VIBE" sakshi continues

"Stop fucking appreciating your childhood online bestie love, dont forget you are my ex online bestfriend as well, now shutup and go some where else" Reyansh whispers

"Okeyyy okeyyyy see you after party lovies MWAH" Sakshi takes her cocktail and went towards the inside hall

While ananya was still sitting beside his chair looking down and every men attending his meeting as well, he takes a deep breath settles his black coat & opens the first 2 buttons of his white shirt & sits down

He looks at her watching her each moment.
"This dumb women dont even know ki ye meeting bhi sirf iske liye hi rkhi gyi hai, these men are behind that underworld women who owns half of north india's economy, they want to make her theirs, want to kill her. Or main isse protect karne ki koshish kr rha.
Itne saalo se.
Iski nazro bura banta rha apne faide ke liye or ab bura banunga isko bachaane ke liye.
What shits will you make me do Ananya."

Ananya was looking at everybody with a glance nd starts staring at Reyansh
Where Arhaan breaks the silence and speaks

"Hey goddess wanna be my-" before he could complete with a smirk on his face Reyansh stoods up and held her hands dragging her out of the backyard

"Mera haath chorrrooo naaa" Ananya says in an in appropriate manner

They were very almost in the parking area and he pins her to his car aggressively and says

"Why are you even here, ALONE." Reyansh asks her in aggression

Seeing him screaming on her puts her head down and says

"Tum bhi dad hi jaise ho...years before you said you are not like my dad is, but no you are.
You scare me." She murmers

Reyansh calms himself and held her gently making her sit inside his car he looks at her and says

"No Ananya, you are getting me wro-" Reyansh didnt even completed

"No, i am right, you were betraying me since start ... now i am scared of you.
I am scared of the fact that i am living with a developed monster.
A man, who used me.
For his benefit.
A man who wanted pleasure from mw so used me for a night stand and then gave me i pills so that there's no chanve of me getting pregnant, werent you were the one who continued to make me feel guilty for the stuffs i never did
And why are you even afraid now.
With those freakin businessmen? What they will do with me? You are enough to demolish me Reyansh." She says while sobbing

"You are not in your senses..just lemme...drop you home." He keeps himself quite because he knew whats the truth is.

Ananya says nothing and walks out of his car she was not able to stand but takes jer heels in her hands and walks freuqently to the party she was abt to fall but Sakshi came there to give the support

"Ohhh heyyy stranger, thanks hahah well you are a good dancer, whats your name?" Ananya looks at her and asks

"I will tell you baby, but tu abhi rest krr Reyansh ke saath ghar ja" Sakshi orders

"Sheh no way... i will call divi tonight she will pick me upppp, because i trust no "demons" (refering to Reyansh)" ananya answers

Hearing her words sakshi looks at Reyansh and he says "Sak leave it, take her home. Or maybe call divi, i wont force her to come with me." He turns around leaning at his car and lighting up his cigarette with a lighter



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