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devour me"

(Sakshi's home)
Ananya was not in her senses she was disbalancing every moment her eyes were red, before sak could think anything Divi came at the place to look after her

"Who informed you ananya is here with me divi?" Sak questions

"Obviously I am her bestfriend, Reyansh will always inform me at first place sakshi" Divi replies

"But I could mana-" before sak could complete divi held ananya's hand and made her lay down on the bed

"Sakshi, look I'm not here to answer your questions or give you any kind of explanation regarding her" divi says

"Tum rudely kyu bol rhi ho ye sab thik se bhi kaha Jaa sakta hai or ananya bhale hi tumhari irl friend hai ek time per meri bhi woh bahot kareebi thi or abhi bhi hai, doesnt mean you will disrespect me" Sakshi replies

"Really? Then where you were when she needed you all the time, thousand calls but none were picked up? Why? Tumlog ki prblm kya hai tum log uski hi prblms ke samay gyb kyu hotee the, well not in a mood to argue with you, listen Reyansh or tum durr thee tab hi better tha, bichaari ki already messed up life ko or difficult krdiya hai" divi says in arrogance

Sakshi says nothing and with these arguments the night ends Sakshi was asleep at her hall's couch where ananya was already awake and divi slept holding her hands

"Fuck ye headache the hell" ananya murmers to herself which made for vi awake

"You alright, ananya?" Divi asks with concern

"Yeah I am All good but where we are" ananya says in a low voice

Divi looks down and says "Sakshi ke ghar main"

"Sakshi? WAIT SAKSHI?? SAKU??? WOH IDHER, KIDHER???" ananya was shocked and happy at that point she throws the blanket away and just gows outside the room just to find her asleep on couch ananya smiles and says "she was so smol"

Before Divi could utter smth she gets a call and it was no one other than Reyansh, the call made sak awake

Divi leaves the haul and went outside to talk to Reyansh on call she was unaware that ananya followed her through the walls

"Reyansh look if you called me to make ananya convince to come back to your place I am really sorry I won't"  divi breaks the first sentence after attending the call

"And do you think I would say that? She will come back on her own" Reyansh replies

"And why I will she?" Divi asks

Ananya was hearing them and she was not able to controll her anger towards him she says "tell him if he can make me try it"

Hearing her scary gazing voice divi drops her phone on the floor and mistakenly it was on speaker till then

"Try? Aisa kabhi nhi hua ki maine tumhe bulaya ho or tum nahi aai ho. Jaake shehed or paani piyo hangover apna Kam Karo" Reyansh hears it all and replies

Hearing his voice again she cuts his call & leave divi alone there she looks herself in the room and starts getting flashbacks of what she heard that day how he betrayed her before she could think further she gets a notification on her mobile phone


He was coldly sitting over his chair his throne of the meeting that vast dark place with different country's businessmen were sitting over there he lights up his cigerette with an antic lighter indicating a "lion symbol"

One of those men someone questions "Reyansh what was the management last night who was that girl and why didn't you stopped her"

Reyansh gives him a death glare and exhales out the smoke of his cigrette "raaz, raaz hi ache lagte hai khuredene ki koshish mat karo warna dafan kardiye jaaoge" he murmers which was clear because of the silence devouring the room

The man sits down because he knew what will be the consequences if he moved further

Reyansh puts his lighter on the table and asks all of them "ye mera favourite lighter hai platinum with gold texture iska ek hissa or hai Jo kahi kho gya hai agar woh miljaaye toh iski keemat or badh jaayegi, and you know why am I discussing abt it here? Iss lighter woh issa utna hi keemti hai jitna mere liye North India hai, I wanna rule NORTH INDIA" he takes a pause and continues

"This meeting is happening to make you  aware, we got the gem we were searching for since 10 years." He stoods up and puts both of his hands on the table

"Wdym Reyansh, seedhe bolo" one of them says

"HUKUM'S GRANDDAUGHTER, enough to make you all aware about the dark history of this unknown world" he says and takes up his lighter to leave the room with him both mayank and mihir leaves as well

"Bhai aapne sabke saamne... Kyu bataya? Jab aapko pata hai ki usse-" Mayank asks

"Identity nhi bataa di hai, ab jabtak woh ye naa Jaan jaate ki kaun hai woh, unn sabki nazar north India se kaafi dur chalo jaayegi or main araam se usse apna banaa sakta hu, woh sab bss ab Hukum ki uss granddaughter ke baare main jaane ke liye tadpenge khoon bahega Bangalore main ab"  Reyansh's answers

"Or bhai agar isse-unki Jaan-" mihir asks

"Mere saamrajya ko mere elawa koi nhi choo sakta ifyk" he answers

"Bhai it's risky aap nhi smjh rhe aap-" mayank questions

"Main jaanta hu ki unn sabko Hukum ki GRANDDAUGHTER ko vaseehat Deni nhi hai woh usse woh gaadhaa hua saamraajya cheenna chahte hai jisko sirf wahi nikaal sakti hai or usse khud bhi nhi pata ki woh kaun hai usse ye nhi pata ki itne saalo se uski zindagi main dushmani nhi usko bachaane aaya hu" Reyansh says

"Bhai aapke liye hamesha North India kyu itna ahem rha hai jabki asli vaseehat toh unke paas hai" Mayank asks

"Vaseehat ki raani bhi meri hai or North India bhi, bataaunga sab bataunga per abhi nhi..."  Reyansh replies


BSS finally aagya part khush hojaao suspense me doob jaao😔👍🏻

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