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"I know every inch of your body and i know for a fact that scar wasn't there before"

(Midnight 1:30 am in Reyansh's Room)

Ananya notices that he slept already, oyt of tiredness, so she tajes a pillow beside from him and places it on the couch to near the window to sleep she was looking at the moon thinking abt whatever she saw in his study room, now she was more curious to check his laptop, with these intrusive thoughts, she slept

When the sunrays were directly hitting on Reyansh's face, his eyes opened to sunlight early at that morning, his eyes then straught away falls on ananya who was sleeping peacefully

"Isse couch per puri raat sone kisne bola, in sab maamlo mai iska muh nhi chalega" he murmers to himself

He wornoutedly looks up at the clock, it was 8:30 am at morning, he realizes that pm eve, and Alyth will land to airport till 1:30 pm

"Fuck-" he being sick of and takes up his blanket going near to her, looking at her with love and care tucking her hairs back her ears caressing her cheeks, cover her with his blanket

"You..look ethereal even when you are sleeping" he whispers

While Reyansh was adoring her someone knocks and outside the door

"Come in" he says

"Bhai woh-" Mayank says loudly while opening the door, Reyansh gives him a death glar and says with his gestures to shut up, but his voice made her awake still was closing her eyes

"Ohk ohk i am quite, but bhai Alyth ko lene jana hai na, or" he says while whispering, and Reyansh with him gkes walks his bed to talk further

"Its ok Mayank, i am awake" she says in a sleepy voice while opening her eyes slowly and looking at him, and tying her hair up in a messy bun

She looks at Reyansh but ignores him, straight away
After unwilting her up she says

"Umm..i am going to have coffee"

"Aree aap kyu pareshan hoti servants hai yaha, they will make na aap baithiye"Mayank says

"Nahi mujhe khud ki haath ki coffee ki aadat hai" Ananya says and went down stairs searching for the kitchen
After having her furst coffee of the day, the time skips quickly
She notices Reyansh leaving for somewhere and asks Roohi " kaha jaa rha?" She whispers

"Aree..woh Alyth is coming today so she dont know anyone in this city toh Reyansh decided to make her stay here rather than hotel or somewhere else" Roohi utters knowing how jealous Ananya was after hearing it but she wasn't letting it out on her face or on her expressions

"Oh? Thats nice" she says
"Well, yk Reyansh said ki he already shortlisted around 30 dresses for you to wear today in the event, ek baar dekhlena aap" roohi says

"I wont look at them, i will wear black saree boldena meri zid hai" ananya utters

"It also contains a black saree too" roohi answers

she says nothing & takes a sip of her 3rd coffee of the day and walks up to the stairs to his room

After some hours she hears some voices and was aware that, "alyth arrived" her mood was already ruined, but she was calming herself down readung smutty chapters of an e book, not paying attention to the voices outside

Where down stairs everyone was greeting Alyth

"Roohi..Ananya, where is she?" He asks to Roohi

"Woh toh aapke room main hi hai 3 ghante se she haven't came out" Roohi says

Reyansh text's her, with the hope she would reply "Come down"

With respect Ananya ignores his texts and continues to read her e book further
Getting pissed off with her not texting back he webts upstairs to his room and opens up the door finds her reading something in her

"I asked you to come down" he says in a serious note

"So? I donr want to." She says coldly

"Alyth has arrived atleast meet her" he says calmly

"She is your bestfriend not mine, ion even know her well, why will i?" She utters

He slams the door and wents outside knowing how jealous she was and annoyed she was that Alyth came, he was somewhere regretting the decision of inviting Alyth but was also wanting this to happen, he was now prepared with his plan , of what he will do further

Where on the other hand Ananya was only concerntrating on the study room and was trying her best to decode its pass she was clueless, she was definitely at this point her feelings for him suddenly had a downfall with Alyth's arrival, she definitely hates her to the core of her heart

Now what will happen in the event when they both will be infront of eachother?
Will ananya reveal to Maa & Aisha about her realtionship with him is no more?
How will she manage to get the passowrd of his laptop?

Too many questions, but the answers were none.
These all disputes, mysteries, questions will be answered in the next part of the book DECISIONS



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