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"Yes its dangerous, that's why its fun"

(Reyansh's room)

"Reyansh please calm down.. its not you who is talking to me right now, y-you killed- some-" before she could complete her sentence, he utters.

"Yes i do fuckin killed someone, and you will see me this time killing someone as well" he says while looking deep in her eyes before she could process, he woke up while she was cuffed to the bed he takes a deep breath & moves out of the room slamming the door

"Oh god, fuck ye reyansh- is he- how should i fuckin get out of this jail, staying with him at this moment is not freakin ryt, mujhe yaha se kisi trh nikalna padega nahi toh- i will-" she says while struggling with the handcuff, tho she had a pin in her hairs so she took out one of them to unlock it and after struggling for 10 minutes she gets out of it. Till now she was aware that he is not at home, its late 2:30 am, he must have either went somewhere or would have been in the study room

She slowly opens the door the silence in the corridor of his mansion were giving goosebumps to her from head to toe, she was scared and was breathing heavily she dont wanna run away but dont wanna stay there as well she slowly steps down towards the main hall she looked everywhere but no one was visible seemed like everyone vanished away.
She slowly step into there and went to the main gate of exit she slowly unlocked it and was looking outside, his cars were parked there and it was a hushed moment.
She went out & took a deep breath she called Divi
"Please call uthaale Divi, please" ananya utters to herself

after some missed calls she finally picked up.

(Call conversation)

"Kya hua ananya itni raat main call" Divi utters from another side of the call

Ananya slowly gets near to the backyard of Reyansh's mansion, because she thought it wasnt safe to stand there on the main gate, what if he saw her?

"Divi- i need your help, i- i am trapped, Reyansh- he came to know that i was spying over him these days-" Ananya says in a dimmed voice on all

"Ananya, wait calm down pehle toh-stop elaborating your situation and first tell me where are you" divi answers her words.

"In his-" Before ananya could say anything further she feels a warm breath on her shoulders & some footsteps near to her she closes her eyes and gasps

"Ananya bolegi tu?? Tu thik hai??" Divi questions back
Ananya cuts the call because she was known to it that Reyansh is near to her, he would definitely punish her for the sins she made today, there's no way to get out of devil's hands when he is obsessed with you.

She makes her hand's grip tighter & closes her eyes "R-reyansh" she says in a breathy voice.

While smirking near to her ear lobes he leans closer and utters from backwards "good guess"

Holds both of her hands and make her face his demonic face currently while she was closing her eyes still and he orders her "fuckin open your eyes, stop hiding from the one you belong to, it will trouble you more"  hearing his words she slowly unfolded her eye lids and still it was too tough for her to maintain the eyes contact

"If you are not wrong why are you being so fuckin angry on me-" she says while her eyes were tearing up

"Its not about me being wrong, its abt how i trusted you- how i fuckin never knew that my own enemy is my own fuckin obsession- how i became so blind to see the sins youw ere performimg behind my back" he says in a scary deep voice, groaning at her

"It's too hard to trust the human who broke it earlier, when you were with him, it hard to trust on the human who left you in your hardest battle" she says while confronting herself

Before Reyansh could spesk up suddenly the lights went off, it was a power off basically becayse not even the backyard's light were on, a whole blackout, Ananya was nyctophobic, and Reyansh left her hands because he was sus about the sudden power cut, out of fear ananya held his blood soaked shirt tightly and hugged him he knew she is nyctophobic and says

"You are hemophobic too, i am covered with someone's blood already- stil you are hugging me?" He says

"jab khoon dikhega tab dar lagta hai, jab andhera hai toh khoon se kya darr" she says while shivering near his body

"Really? Is that so? Then be ready to witness a murder by your monster, again. As i said you will, and here we go" He says while smirking

"What you mean-" she utters

"Someone break into my mansion probably? And wjoeber it is will be sentenced to death infront of you, years back you said youw ere scared of my work, me & my instincts, i will make you realize that you are going to live into this blood immersed world" he says while whispering to her and slowly helding her hands making her head back to the mansion

"P-please Reyansh, don't do this to me- please i am sensitive yk it" she beggs to him

"Its alright lil monstress, some human's assassination is normal, when you are in fondness of somebody who just betrayed you." He utters while slowly dragging her to the mansion's gate

Above the left space of the side stairs a baseball bat was kept and he took it in his another hands

"You will not be able to see the blood but will able to feel some if you kept begging like this, because i won't mind making out with you in bunch of some dead bodies, when i am blood submerged" he says while taking her in side the mansion again.


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