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" Rain in dark is soothing & scary at the same time, but without the dark we'd never see the stars "

We came at a distance in his car, he made me sit at the back seat of his car i was looking outside the window admiring the rain and the breezy night, i am a quite and calm person till now i was sure he wont harm me but-

Aryan - Ananya?

I looked at him with shocking eyes

Ananya - how yk my name?

Aryan - this is the root to your home, if i am not wrong?

Ananya - i asked how yk my name. *rudely*

*Aryan stays quite*

Ananya - maine kuch pucha hai - why are you not answering me?

Aryan - i did answered you, with silence.

(I was having nothing to say but i was annoyed so i just kept my mouth shut, and we reached our destination till now i was confirm that the guy with me is none other than Devil, his signs were clear but unsaid, and indirect)

Aryan - come lets catch up coffee

Ananya - ye mera ghar hai cafè nhi, mujhe toh laga tha-

Aryan - ki mai tumhe yaha tak drop karunga? Tch tch

(I was angry enough to scream on him but self control is must he gets out of the car and walks towards my house but here i was standing behind him and said-)

(Without wasting my precious i make a black coffee and handed over to him, yes i didn't let him enter my house moreover i was not reacting over his actions because somewhere i was knowing he is just trying to make me afraid, i definitely made him upset because maybe it was the first time, he feared no one he was leaving but-)

Ananya - tumhe Aryan bolu ya Devil?

(I realized kitni badi galti kardi hai maine but impulsive thoughts win sometimes that's what happened, he stops and looks behind with a smirk on his lips)

Aryan - Ananya ananya ananya, tumhe kya lagta hai mai tumpe cheekhunga, react karunga? Cheh...

Ananya - Toh tum....Devil ho-

(He looks down and starts smiling evilish)

Aryan - who knows, but you should know one thing if you tried to let your words out infront of anyone yk the consequences well, better mug it up. Throw the reciept. *death glares*

With those words he just walks towards his car back to leave her house but then he felt like someone was spying over him from a distance he thaught maybe he is hallucinating and-

(I was thinking that how tf in this world he knew i am having his reciept and how tf he knew that i was investivating at this point mere zehen mai sirf ek naam arha tha, how am i supposed to hang it on)

Ananya - Re-Reyansh?

Aryan - Ms. Pandey, dared to take my real name? as i said you need to keep your mouth shut

(He turns around and comes towards me he was taking his steps forward and i was taking one step backward because i was not in a condition to face the monster, we both were getting wet in the rain, he came too close to me and i was almost pinned to my door, with his right hand he slammed the door harshly that was behind me to decrease the distance between us, my heart was racing faster than i thought it would i was able to feel anger in his eyes, his warm breath was hitting me i was definitely not able to maintain eye contact with him so i looked away)

[will replace "Aryan" to "Reyansh" now]

Reyansh - Not able to face the monster infront of you? *whispers* , Look into my fuckin EYES ANANYA ! *screams*

I was not able to face him although i was a bit scared which made my eyes teared up

Ananya - Just go away, i don't wanna see you, please leave-

He understood what i meant and without speaking further he took a step backwards and leaves without looking at her, i see him leaving and opens my house's door, ran towards my room and closes all the doors and windows, that moment got my soul shiver to death, i was breathing heavily closing my eyes i sat on the floor covering my ears with the hope that i can stop those voices in my head, and i was knowing i wouldn't be able to do tht, yes i was getting panic attack- anxiety was hitting me, i stood up and statted searching for my pills to calm myself down after struggling alot i got them, i took them)

Ananya to herself - Jo nhi hona chahiye wahi hojata hai, jisse nafrat ho wahi saamne aajata hai, hamesha- durr jaana tha per- per kareeb aajata hai, 4 saal baad bhi- kyu, sab kuch barbaad karne ke baad bhi-
Reyansh Rudra Agnihotry, this time i wont let you come back in my life again it can never be "us" it will always be "me or you"


Kya hai uska past? Why do she hates him to the core? How do they know eachother? Who are they known to more? Who was spying over him? Or was he just hallucinating?


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