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(Ananya's House)

So you hate me, don't you? Mohtarma 4 saal pehle ki bet mai jeet gya i made you hate me *he winks at her*

"Everything was a bet for you, and haa no i dont hate you Mr. Agnihotri , its just i hate myself for loving you" she says in a serious tone looking deep into his eyes

He looks down and bite his lips,
"Well, gade murde ukhaadhna band karo" he says

"You did it first" she says, and starts organizing her things back, ignoring his existence she moves oit of her room to bring back some books and organize in her bookshelf

He looks outside and sees she is not there so he firmly went towards her drawl where she kept her diary

"Aisa kya likha hai isme jo mujhe choone tak nhi de rhi, lets see" he opens the first page of her diary which was started with a quote

"Depression in her mind poison in her blood, Anxiety in her heart and she is screaming to be loved" he reads in his mind he was abt to go thru it but till then ananya snatches her diary back and looks at him

"How dare you, to touch it, tumse 10 baar kaha hai meri cheezo ko haath mat lagaao per tum-

"Apni awaas neeche rkho, got it? And why not to touch it Ms. Pandey, you had been mine for years, don't you" he says in a deep shrilled voice

I "HAD BEEN" ok? you are being stubborn atp. Just leave now. Go away
She says keeping her hands on her head

"Dont worry Ms. Pandey dw, you will yourself come to me and i will make sure you will" he says cofidentally

Yk i never took your threats, seriously still yoh end up making your own assumptions - she says with a smile on her face

Waqt hi batayaega woh- tum hi bolti thi na ki tumhe suspense kaafi pasand hai be ready - he says with a glare & leaves

The moment he leaves ananya switches on her phone and sees 13 missed calls of Divi and 29 texts, she waw abt to open her texts but then she by mistake opens a recent text from an unknown number in her notification bar it was none another than Reyansh

Reyansh's text - Ms. Pandey meri baaton ko overthink krne ke chakkar mai medicines lena mat bhul jana warna fir ye kehel tumhari zindagi or maut ka khel na bnn jaye fir tum mujhe hi kosogi ki ye sabbbbb kuchh "REYANSH" ki galti thi haina?
Take your meds.

She writes - not your concern.

(Reyansh's side)

He recieves her texts and bites his lower lips and saves her number as "lil monstress" was abt to start driving but before that he recieves a text he thought it must be Ananya but it was someone's pvt number he looks forward and sees its a pic and when he opens it he sees himself talking to ananya last night, he understoods his doubt was insanely correct that someone was keeping an eye on them, now he was worried because whoever it was knew that there's smth between ananya and him so he straight away calls mayank and says his people to keep an eye around Ananya's house because whoever it was may had serious grudges with Reyansh and because of him he can't let someone else suffer again

On the other hand ananya calls back Divi after so many hours

"Tu - tu paagal hai phone kyu switch off kara akal nhi hai kya tere ander?" - divi in anger

"Divi relax i am alright, acha sunn cafè mai koi aaya tha kya-" she says

"Wahi bataane ke liye call kar rhi thi mai tabse tereko ki koi wierd saa admi tere ko puch rha tha, kaun tha woh?" Divi asks

"Umm..mai tereko sab kuch bataungi once i come back to work kasam se bss tu thoda patience rkhle please and let me process too, i swear i wont hide anything from you but just give me time" - ananya says in a soft tone

" Anu dekh tujhe jitnaa time chahiye le i have no issue but tu hurt mat hona please bss itna dhyaan rkh baaki i will see" - says divi

"Hmm you dont worry- everything is alright, will talk to you later okey?" - ananya says

"Yeah" and the calls hungs up

Ananya looks outside the window and then starts recalling her converstation with Reyansh, whatever he said to her

"Ye hamesha itna unpredictible kyu rehta hai, or isne meri diary padhi toh nhi na.. usme bahot kuch likha hai jo usse naa pata rhe toh hi acha hoga but i hope he didnt read" - she says to herself

She continues - "but ye achanak se itne saal baad yaha kyu ayaa or specially mere se hi kyu encounter hua iska? I hope its not his another dirty plan to play with me"

"Abtak toh ye smjh hi gya hoga ki mai sabse durr rehti hu" - she adds


Next part soon

(Upcoming part's glimpsee)

Ananya - divi woh- he is- my first love-


Ananya - woh hi devil hai- "The businessman who controls both North & south India"



Ananya ON CALL - Kya??? Look i am not going to do this, mai usse iske liye baat kabhi bhi nhi karne waali.

?? - please please please yrr


Toh kya lagta hai kya hoga aage???

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