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"Trust the process"

Time skips

She was fuming with anger after knowing whatever he did to her last night she went quite, went to Roohi's room & realizes Reyansh & his people had left the house for some meeting

"Roohi? Do you have some western dress in your wardrobe?" She asks

Roohi was confused and turns around to look at her while she was organizing her cupboard
"Haa per, kya hua?" She asks

"I  wanna try some" ananya asnwers while creating chaos

"Huh? Iss waqt? Kahi jaana hai kya?" Roohi inquires

She knew that roohi will inform Reyansh abt her each moment, because they care abt his orders more than her existence

Ananya nods to "no" "it just i want to try some western outfits, please?" She requests

"Thik hai, lemme show you some" she had a huge individual cupboard for western outfits & one piece and asks her to pick or choose anyone of them to try on herself

Ananya is manipulative she smirks and tooks out the lil one piece black dress with deep neck, sleevless and backless design, roohi flinches and ask her "dont tell me tum ye try karogi, reyansh mujhe maar daalega ananya"

"Aree kisne kaha uske saamne pehen ke jaaungi, mujhe bss try krna hai ek baar" she endures

"Waise sab log gaye kidher hai?" Ananya asks

"Acha woh, woh sab meeting main bataya toh tha kind of late night party meeting hai in the Bangalore's biggest club, i heard ki deadly businessman around the world will be present there" roohi gives her details not knowing what ananya was actually thinking off

"Acha?" Ananya says in a sarcastic way and looks at the dress "Ek kaam karna aap bahar jaao main ready hoke aapko dikhaati" she says and slowly pushes roohi out of her own room closing the door from inside

Roohi was clueless and a bit concerned abt her, she was not able to understand why ananya is behaving strange, bit she ignored it and went downstairs to wait for her

Here on the other side ananya takes a deep breath and undress herself wearing that lil dress, she takes out one of a pencil heel from her wardrobe and puts it on, she is not a makeup person but wanted to look bold doing a decent light one she wears some making her eyes more attractive with smokey affect, and a dark matt lipstick keeping her hairs open it took her less than 45 min to complete her look and her intentions were to break into the meeting Reyansh is attendin, and the reason was to irritate him and get some info as well, but now she was in a big problem so she

ecides to escape from the window of roohi's room. It was difficult but not impossible
She tooks her furst step carrying on the heels in her hands and moving slowly and steadily downwards with the help of  the support and pipes with consciousness she reaches near to the grass of the backyard and realizes roohi was already knocking

"Ye ananya darwaza kyu nhi khol rhi" roohi utters to herself
She decides to unlock the room with the help of another key of the same room

Ananya down there runs off wearing her heels and the guard there asks her

"Ma'am aap kaha jaa rhi hai" he asks

"Mujhse question karoge? Bhul rhe ho shyd main tumhare sir ki girlfriend hu" she says in a rude way.

"Acha ye sab choro mujhe kisi bhi car ki keys do i have to go somewhere" ananya adds

He nodes with scare and habds her over the keys of Ryansh's black matt Porsche

She takes them and runs near the car and sat inside looking up to the mansion

Where on the other side when roohi breaks into her room she remained shocked with no presence of ananya she gets panic and was totally worried until and unless her eyes went towards the opened window of her room

"SHE-SHE ESCAPED-" roohi utters to herself in scary voice she was in trouble and was not aware of wear ananya went but was aware of that Reyansh will today kill someone for the sin happened from her

Ananya starts the car and heads outside to the mansion hearing the car's growling voice roohi looks outside the window and realizes its ananya leaving the mansion
Rooho runs near her phone kept on the desk and starts dialing Reyansh's number, its been thousand times she tries but none of them were picked up

Where ananya already left the highway she already opened the maps for the biggest club across bangalore

"THE INZIO RESINS" she reads the name of the club, and knew he would have went there only

She drives faster it was 47 km away from where she started
It will take her an hour to reach
The clock was alresdy striking to 8:00 pm
She was anxious as well, but was looking sizzling hawt she probably risked her whole instincts just to execute this shit

Reyansh on the other side was unaware of her women be reaching there anytime just to haunt him there
He was unaware of what will happen when she will reach out there
Nobody knew abt Reyansh being in love with someone
But now it will definitely prove it
He was comfortably  having his whisky he was talking to somebody and was ignoring all texts and calls because it was mute

On the other hand roohi Rang to mayank this time HER HUSBAND and in one rang he picks it up

"Kya hua? Kaha hai na main bhai ke saath meeting main hu why are you disturbing me?" Mayank rudely says

"Tum meeting main ho per yaha ANANYA JUST RAN AWAY and mujhe aisa kyu lag rha hai with no time she will be there, I MYSELF SAW HER leaving in Reyansh's PORSCHE and guess what usne meri mini blackdress pehen rkhi hai, ye marwaayegi mujhe apne saath saath" roohi says panickly"

"WTF roohi tu kya kar rhi thi, TU CHORDH WOH MUJHE BHI ZINDA NHI CHORENGE AGAR MA'AM IDHER AAGYI TOH rukk lemme try to track her location unki car main GPS laga hai" mayank cuts the call and panickly leaves  outside the club near the main entrance


Next part soon

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