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       "And he looked so deeply, so transfixed, into my big brown eyes & told me that they were the 2 most alluring things he had ever seen"

(Next morning)

He woke up earlier than her and suddenly his eyes lands on ananya, she was sleeping in his arms feeling protected and eseasmented, with no second she wakes up realizing he was staring at her, she pushes herself a bit backward

"Morning" She says

"You cried last night? When? Were you awake?" He asks

"No-no i didn't, why?" She questions back

"You eyes are swelled up, and it only happens when you cry alot, say what happened don't lie" he says

"Can you drop me home Reyansh?" She asks softly

He looks at her and stays quite for sometime but then closes his eyes and nods, he went to the driving seat, and searches for his phone, then ananya hands it over to him

He looks at her suspiciously, but he was clueless, he realises there are 7 missed calls of one of his member

"SHIT-" he says

"What happened?" She asks in worry

He replies "nothing" just mihir rang to me last night 7 times, they must be worried & network outhere is unpredictible

(Time skips)

They almost reached the highway, connected to the city Bangalore
They both were silent and were thinking abt why they were too close last night but Reyansh breaks the silence and says

"Event kal hai" - he says

"W-what? Tumne bola tha next week ryt, parso bola tha" she asks in confusion

"Haa toh madam parso sunday tha" he giggles "maine din toh bataya tha nhi" he adds

"Tum- mtlb- ek min where are we going?" She asks

"My mansion ma'am" he says while driving

"Kya-? Kyu mai nhi jaa rhi why" Sees him using phone while driving

"Shyd aapko aapki jaan pyaari nhi per hame hai phone rkhde please" she says

"Ma'am ye aapko bhi pata hai ki meri driving skills is far better than-" he was abt to complete but ananya interupts

"Far better than your whole existence? I know i know" she adds and smirks

"Mujhse aise baat karne ki himmat kisi ki nhi hoti" he says

"I love playing with fire Mr. Agnihotri" she says in a proud tone

"Dhyaan se kahi aag main gir naa jaao, jal jaaogi" he says in a serious voice and speeds up, 

With like in less than 20 min he reaches the main gate of his mansion where almost 10 guards were already waiting for him she looks up and sees a huge white Mansion surrounded by pillers all over, and a big gardern having all more than 6000 payers of flowers, That mansion was having 10 stairs to walk and reach to the main enterance gate her eyes was sparkling with glory it was too pretty for her

"Or tum pehle isse chota ghar bolte the? Ye chota ha" she asks

"Hai toh, ab batao kya karu sheh" he says sarcastically

They both together gets out of the car and looks at eachother

When ananya was walking in her eyes were squinting here and there loving thr view and the weather, for her it was so unreal
The step together on the stairs and when the main enterance gates gets open, everyone inside there were tensed thinking where is Reyansh but theur eyes suddenly glances over there and they run towards the gate not expecting, ananya and him would be together, when they saw them together their eyes widened with shock and blow, they stared at eachother with blank faces and were speaking nothing where on the otherside Reyansh puts his hands in pocket and walks in alone with no reaction on his face, went upstairs towards his room

"A-arre, ye" she gets in and they were still saying nothing

"Hii- nice to meet you all-" she says with a forced smile

"Hii- AAP YAHA??" they all say it together

"H-haa pata nhi- aap sab shock kyu hai" - she says

Mihir walks in and says "areee ma'am you here? Kaise kab kya hua? Dont tell me bhai did something again"

"Nhi nhi, i was just attend the event jo kal hai shyd" she says

"Oh......acha nice, chaliye aapko room dekha deta hu " he says

"Do i need to say it to you ananya to follow me?" She hears Reyansh's voice from upstairs

She rolls her eyes and follows him as he says, he opens his room's door and asks her to get in with him

"Tum toh...kisi ko apne room mai aane ki permission nhi diye ho na" she says

"Apna dimaag kam lagaao or chup chaap ander aao" he says in a low voice

She gives a angry look to him and gets in , that room was so big and beautiful and it was sparkling just by the sunlight coming in from the window, while he was  unbuttoning his shirts to change facing to a big mirror beside his closet

Ananya looks him unbuttoning his shirts and turns around with a panicked face

"Why just you dont go inside washroom and change? Room main- kyu" she says

"Mera room mai kuch bhi karu, ab mai tumhare saamne undress hu", & he turns back throwing his shirt on his bed exposing his chest & abs, gets near to her while she was facing him opposite not knowing he was just behind her so he pulls her closer  from her waist backside, "ya tumhe undress karu, my choice?" He says while breathing near her neck
Ananya realizes he was shirtless and his body was just touched to her, giving her butterflies and shivers in her bonemarrow, he was tighting up his grip even more

"Kya hua shaant kyu ho?, kahi...seduce toh nhi rhi aap? Yaa fir mere itne close aana aapko nervousbkar rha?" He says seductively

"Mujhe- mujhe kuch bhi nhi ho rha tum mujhe chordh rhe ho ki nhi?" She says in breathy voice

"Acha? Tab hi able to feel your tension, and your sweat around near your hairs just by my one touch?" He smirks and leaves her

Takes his towel from the closet and wents towards the washroom to take bath

While closing her eyes ananya takes deep breath and calms herself down
"Yee paagal aadmi, besharam i swear iska khoon kardungi main" she murmers

After like half an hour he comes out after taking hot bath in his bathrob, with his wet hairs drying with towel, his abbs were looking more irresistible and were really easy to make anyone please him while she was staring at him from up to down secretly near his closet

"I can see you ananya" says Reyansh with a smile

"But i can't see you...aaaa... i was searching for clothes in the closet" she says in a panicked and anxious voice

"Mere closet main?" He says making her more embarrassed

"Hahaha, woh toh i forgot you know" she says with a forced laugh
"I-i- will go and take bath bye" she says and takes a towel from there and gets inside the washroom without thinking anything, she ons the tap of shower and then realizes

"Ek minute mere paas toh mere kapade hi nhi hai WTF WHAT I WILL WEAR, MAINE YE BHI BHIGA DIYA SHIT- issi paani mai dubb marja ananya" she hits her oneself with her palm on her face.



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