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"To love someome is firstly to confess : I am ready to get devastated by you"

(At evening 7:30 pm)

Ananya was almost ready for the event while she realizes someone stepped in knowing it was Reyansh, but ignored his presence

Him adoring and his eyes were desperately and lustfully was scanning every inch of her he was watching from head to toe, undressing her in his mind

"Ghoorna band karo" Ananya utters

Before Reyansh could say anything he realizes Alyth came there finding him all over the mansion seeing her stepping into the room, ananya was fumed in anger and her patience was almost at an edge

"I was finding you all over your mansion and you are here with this...who is she?" Alyth rolls her eyes looking at him

Reyansh smirks and looks at ananya then his eyes were on Alyth the next moment

"Actually she is-" before he could complete

"Your mother, Alyth" Ananya breaks the silence with an offensive answer

"Wtf? You dont have manners" Alyth says

"No because you want me to be well mannered with you, while you are" she moves closer to Reyansh and helds his collar aggresively pulling him closer "flirting with my boyfriend, trust if it would be someone else not his childhood so called friend i would have already thrashed you out of this room" she says while looking deep into Reyansh's eyes

Alyth was pissed off and walks out of the place, ananya notices leaving her from there so she maintains her distnace
But Reyansh firmed his grip on her waist not leaving her

"Pass aana tumhari marzi thi or ab tumhe khudse dur karna meri marzi hai" he says while she was trying her best to get out of his grip

"Oh come on just go and fuck around with your chick, leave me already? Alright?" She says fuming in anger

"I know you're being a brat just because you want to be choked" Reyansh says while smirking at her

"Lol, if you grabbed my throat all imma do is smile at you, messing with a freak baby" she whispers in his ears seductively and pushes him away with a sarcastic smile

Moves out with her baddy energy walks down noticing everybody was already there
Where on the other hand Reyansh comes out
"How tf in this world she turned into this wild kitten, lil monstress being wild after tht one kiss feels like she wanna get ruined by me soon" he says to himself

She notices Aisha and her smiles widen she just ran down the stairs hugging Aisha tightly,

"DAMN AISHA I FUCKIN MISSED YOU" ananya screams while getting teared up

"Arre i missed you too ananya, bahot pretty lag rhi ekdm khubsoorat" Aisha says

" and Reyansh are kab aau mai shaadi main fir?" She says while teasing her

"Nahi, its nothing like that mai tujhe baad mai bataungi" ananya says

"Arre tumhari dost kya aagyi tumne mujhe hi nhi pucha" Reyansh says while standing behind ananya

"Tujhe puchu mai? Call toh uthaane tak ka time rehta nhi tere paas Maa se mil tu batati woh tereko" Aisha says in anger

Alyth was standing near a secret wine corner having her wine, and staring at Reyansh

After some time, Ananya was talking with Maa and she was appreciating her she was really glad seeing her here, it was the first time she saw her

"Reyansh ki pasand itni pyaari hogi mujhe bilkul pata nhi tha, nazar na lage meri" she says while looking at both of her

"Maa, jara idher aana kuch kaam hai" Aisha calls her

"Ananya, beta ek kaam kardo mera, ghar ke mandir main ek diya jalaa do"

"Haa bilkul" Ananya says while looking at her

Ananya carefully picks up one Diya and moves towards the the mandir, her eyes driffted towards Reyansh & Alyth notices how close she was getting with him, she changes her durection and moves towards them, Alyth's hands were almost reaching near Reyansh's lips

Seeing her doing such a mischieve thing ananya "AcCiDeNtLy" pours melted ghee in diya on her hands

"Huh, deserved" she utters while looking at them

"Ouch, what the hell, are you blind" Alyth screams on her

"Yeah, i just can't see people who dont exists, for me" she says

"Ananya whats the behaviour, she is hurted" Reyansh says

"Want me to pour it on you too? Mujhe koi dikkat nhi hai fir dono saath mai apna apna dard baant lena" she says giggling devilishly

"Such a prostitutebof yours Reyansh" says Alyth

Reyansh looks at her with a glare

After hearing such disrespect ananya says "Now she got me" in a pyschotic voice and helds her wrist tightly pouring rest over burning ghee on her hand

"Reyansh, next time if she even tried to disrespect me i will make sure you will see me digging her grave infront of you & would be begging to spare her life from me" she says
Everyone was just shocked with such behaviour of ananya,
She went towards the mandir lighting up the diya again, and worshipping god, after some minutes she just ran upstairs, in Reyansh's room

"No shit- my anger, i again... wait maine medicines nhi li hai 2 din se, its .. its because of this" she was sweating heavily she was getting anxiety attacks she locks up the door and sits on the floor leaning against the bed breathing heavily and crying silently while the flashbacks suddenly started hitting her head, she was again able to hear the demons her head saying to give up she was shivering & controlling herself from loosing her senses
At this point she was weaken, her eyes were screaming for help

Reyansh was down stairs, he was feeling something is wrong he went up to look over her but realizes the door was closed already he was able to hear ananya's silent sobs he understood she was in pain

"Ananya, the door..please? Are you alright?" He says

She wasnt responding, everybody was busy downstairs he didnt wanted to panic anyone there but he was worried, worried for her, what if she takes a wrong step again..



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