Letters to the Stranger [BWWM] by Stars-vs-Chocolates
Letters to the Stranger [BWWM]by Angel
Meet Halle. A brilliant young black woman with a passion for writing. When Halle first left school, she'd had aspirations of pursuing her longtime dream only to wound up...
  • writer
  • bestfriends
  • letters
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She will always be the one by EadieWali
She will always be the oneby EadieWali
"Zaabit Bhai!! What are you doing?" I begin to walk back as his sturdier figure became close. "You aren't supposed to be here, Zaabit Bhai" I begin t...
  • writer
  • losing
  • snow
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DISGUISED (Featured & Completed) by ShelleyBurbank
DISGUISED (Featured & Completed)by Shelley Burbank
Selected by the movie "UNFRIENDED" for their Best Of Thriller reading list. Featured by Wattpad 2018. "Mason Falwell copied my manuscript and sold it!&quo...
  • professor
  • mystery
  • college
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The Blue House of 1478 (boy/boy) by mythmouth
The Blue House of 1478 (boy/boy)by mythmouth
Every town has a hermit, the resident that no one seems to know-- no one ever seems to see. We have plenty of oddballs here, in Sleepy Birch, but only one mystery. The...
  • threesomes
  • polyamorous
  • badboy
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How to Fall in Love by roastedpiglet
How to Fall in Loveby Myka Kobb
They're worlds apart, and this isn't high school, so how the hell did a homeless female writer end up renting a billionaire's mansion? And - hold your breath - becoming...
  • romcom
  • angst
  • writer
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Hidden Pegasus by MokshDa_xoxo
Hidden Pegasusby Moksh
Athena is a beautiful girl who is given the chance to get enough money to pay for her brother's study. In return, she will have to pretend to be the fiancé of Maximus Kn...
  • secret
  • book
  • lie
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Love Interrupted by SinS30
Love Interruptedby SinS30
After having a miscarriage and being asked for a divorce by her husband. Elizabeth builds her life from scratch. She disappears to a new country where she builds a new...
  • marriage
  • rich
  • writer
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The Whirlwind Awards | ✔ by PoetinPurple
The Whirlwind Awards | ✔by Meg
OPEN RIGHT NOW!!!!! __________________________________ Hey! Welcome to The Whirlwind Awards Whirlwind awards gives you an open and large platform where you can set your...
  • competition
  • fest
  • followforfollow
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Kevin Died by Thouqts
Kevin Diedby Tyree
March 24th, 2014: Kevin Vásquez goes missing. April 9th, 2015: Kevin's remains are found. March 24th, 2016: Ricardo receives a message from an unknown number, the messen...
  • mystery
  • mystery-thriller
  • stalker
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HOLLYWOOD (Literate RP)(OPEN TO NEW OCS) by sarlenone
HOLLYWOOD (Literate RP)(OPEN TO NE...by sarlenone
Who will you be? ~ This RP is OPEN, and WELCOME to NEW OCS! <3 come on in and check us out for a lot of fun. :)
  • detailed
  • business
  • singer
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One Short Summer  by JasminAMiller
One Short Summer by JasminAMiller
Monica is frustrated as hell as she watches her dance career slowly go down the drain. The recovery from her car accident isn't going as fast or as well as everyone thou...
  • famous
  • cute
  • cosmoreads
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✧Multi-Fandom Imagines✧ by claisehaven
✧Multi-Fandom Imagines✧by -ˋˏ 𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖊𝖙𝖙
this is basically just tom holland or peter parker imagines with a few other people mixed in :-)
  • tomhollandimagines
  • riverdale
  • peterparkerimagines
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Living With My Crush by qveensmar
Living With My Crushby 𝕭𝖆𝖇𝖞𝖌𝖎𝖗𝖑
[A Tfue Fanfic] It was summer break and Lea's spending it with her twin brother for the first time, but she didn't know she would be living under the same roof as her ch...
  • tfue
  • fiction
  • love
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Mimeomia | ✓ by violadavis
Mimeomia | ✓by cate
The princess saves herself. Over and over again. wattys 2018 longlist; #8 CL © 2017 caterina george // all rights reserved
  • oldflame
  • featured
  • chicklit
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Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad by whatsawhizzer
Wattpad 101: Your guide to the wor...by Whatsawhizzer
So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoin...
  • readers
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TomTord oneshots (1 | Completed ✔️ )  by TheRedHoodieCommie
TomTord oneshots (1 | Completed ✔️...by TheBlueHoodieJehovah
BITCH DONT READ IT DONT DONT JUST DONT ITS EDGY AS FUCK! SNDDUSH DONT YOU DARE >:O DONT Rules!: I know it's called ONEshots but I need to make 2 or 3 parts or somet...
  • suicidal
  • random
  • aus
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slave  by kat-amc
slave by kat-amc
what happens when a writer buys a sex slave for a paper but ends up using him for pleasure?
  • cuteboys
  • sex-slave
  • writer
The Bad Boy Has Wattpad ✔ by rock_dreamer
The Bad Boy Has Wattpad ✔by HungryPizza
|COMPLETED| "Michael Langwood has Wattpad," I repeated and smirked at him, trying not to laugh. "I told you it's NOT my account," he grunted, "I...
  • humor
  • revenge
  • writer
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Wattpad Rants by _RubyRed_
Wattpad Rantsby Ruby
Welcome to Wattpad Rants - a sarcastic, prejudice and frankly quite brutal attack on cliches, characters and What's Hot - written by an angsty fourteen-year-old with no...
  • nazi
  • vampire
  • wattpad
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[1] the Checklist ► C. Evans by -fitzgeralds
[1] the Checklist ► C. Evansby lora
CHECKLIST "I found that checklist with your perfect boyfriend criteria. You know, the one you made when you were thirteen." "BURN THAT THIS INSTANT."...
  • winterwatson
  • maiamitchell
  • writer
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