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"His temptation increases whenever he sees her, but their eyes speaks alot"

[Do not read this chapter if you can't handle smut]


(Together cuffed in washroom)

He wasn't stopping, breathing heavily he smashed his lips on her, their lips collided, he locked his hands in hers.

Ananya was trying to break the kiss, but it was an unbreakable chain, Reyansh was haltedly unpinning all the pins over her saree
His hands were slowly removing her blouse exposing her upper breast

"I told you i would be the only one to undress you" he whispers

Before Annaya could utter anything he smashed & demolished his lips on hers,
Unbuttoning his wet shirt, he removes all clothes undressing her slowly at each step he "savored".
making her sit in the bathtub & staring deep into her eyes, he tore his fingers in her hairs till the back and hooks out a clip,
He uncuffed their hands to get smoother into the process, Ananya was stunned enoigh to speak her eyes were saying it all they (her eyes) were nervous, anxious and were comfortable somewhere

"I want to swallow you, have you melt into me and flow through my veins" he says while breathing near her neck making her shiver from head to toe.

"He was enchanting to me, he made me conflicted everytime i stared into his lifeless eyes his lips would speak words i couldn't see in his eyes when he would try to hold me tight, as if he was a liar. " she thinks abruptly.

Her body was shivering and her voice was cracking

"Y-you are being different tonight" she utters in a slow dimmed voice

"I will not have you without the darkness that hides within you. I will not let you have me without the madness that makes me. If our demons canmot dance, neither can we"
He utters & held her hands making her step outside the cold water and pinning her to the wall, opening shower tap and caressing the skin around her body roaming his hands all over her giver goosebumps
At that point ananya was totally seduced by his unpredictible behaviour she was moves her hands up to his arms caressing his biceps

While he locks his arms around her hips and devours what belongs to him

"Re-reyansh you are being wild" she utters

"You were 16 when you asked for it Ananya, you precendented me that we will be doing everything, we subsequented to eachother" he whispers possessively

His hands, obsessing over her body grabbed her in her hands making her head outside the washroom, making her slowly lay on the bed he was pervertly looking at her exposing body and she looks away because she was embarrassed

"Stop looking at me like that" she utters

"Like what" he inquires

"I am the dinner" she answers

"Maybe i am hungry" he confirms.

Removing all his clothes he covered theirselves with the blanket beside them he went thru licking her jaw and sucking it softly
Making her moan softly, his hard lil partner was already burring himself in her thighs making her nervous even more,
It was her first time to feel him all heartedly

He sucks her collarbone and goes near her breast sucking her pink nipples and grabbing another one with his hands, she burries her head deeper because she was loving what she was feeling his saliva all over her nipples, making them hard, slowly going down licking her every inch
His lips were on her stomach, his hands exploring. 
She drifted her hands in his hairs, her sttention unfocused, relaxed.
Then her breath cought her in the throat, she arched her back and she instantly focused on the spot which was the center of his attraction

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