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"The last look back, she noticed no one really saw she was leaving and that was when she knew she was ready for this whole knew life"

(Next day) (Ananya's home)
Morning 8:30 am

She was totally tired and exhausted she cried last night her heart out and now her eyes were swelled and her throat was sour she managed to woke up from her bed but unfortunately she failed to do so, she texted Divi that she wont come to cafè for some days due to her bad health and switched off her phone

(At cafè)

Divi - R-Rajveer sir, please understand uski health sahi nhi hai let her rest-

Rajveer - Divi i told you 100 times ki tumhari dost hdd se zada leave le rhi hai if she didn't reported me in next 3 days, mai usse job se nikaaldunga and mind my words

Divi - o-ok sir

She calls Ananya frequently so that she can console her but her number was switched off

Yrr i hope she is- divi was abt to complete her sentence but she notices a weird disturbance in the cafè there was 3 men in black it was none another than Reyansh and his 2 members entering into the cafè and one of them approaches divi at the counter for 2 cappuccino & 1 black coffee she started noting down the order and after 10 min she served them to their places

"Anything else sir" she asks softly

When she got no response she headed towards the counter and started preparing for other order

Ananya nhi hai toh akele order prepare karna kitna mushkil hai ugh or inke alag alag specialities ke orders toh mashallah *she murmers*

On the other hand when Reyansh tastes the coffee he understood its not made by Ananya but someone else, so he turns back to look for her but his eyes couldn't find her so he stoods up covers his head with his black hoodie's cap which was also covering his half face, and goes towards the counter

Reyansh - excuse me?

Divi looks up and says - yes sir? How can i help you?

Reyansh - Where is Ms. Pandey ?

Divi - sorry?

Reyansh - i mean- where is your partner, that... what was her name..aa..

Divi - Ananya?

Reyansh - yeah she, where is she? This coffee is ...not made by her.

Divi - Actually she is on leave for some days but who are you? Never saw you here ? How yk that this coffee is not made by her? Are you her stalker?

Reyansh - sh sh.... you speak alot, *says in husky voice*

He was annoyed and gives a sign to his members to pay and to leave with him

Divi felt sus "kamaal hai kaun haibye as far as ik Ananya toh Bangalore mai kisi ko nhi jaanti or ye ladki call bhi nhi utha rhi kaise bataau ab isse ki abhi kya hua just"
On the other hand outside the cafè when Reyansh was leaving with his members, he asks one of them

"Mayank, do one thing just change the root and head towards Ananya's place"

Mayank - Alright sir

At ananya's place she was struggling to get up from her bed her eyes were burning and she was having high fever, she understood she did a mistake keeping her health as a choice

Reyansh was abt to ring the door bell but he stops and thinks something

Nah nah Reyansh dont ring the bell, she is stubborn she wont open the door if she will see you, lets play with Ms. Pandey and scare her.

Reyansh - Mayank, get me the master key which unlocks any door existing

Mayank hands it over to Reyansh and he unlocks the door slowly so that ananya can't hear it he says mayank to leave and Reyansh breaks into her house

He looks around and murmers "woah Ms. Pandey be building a whole mansion just by working in a coffee shop"

He walks up the stairs to her room firmly to , her bedroom's door was half open and it was clearly visible what's happening
He was able to see that Ananya was searching something important in her closets and other drawls, she was worried abt it

He hears her murmering
"Kaha gyi meri diary, kaha rkh di maine"

Coincidencly he notices that the diary was just underneath the table beside his leg so he leans down and picks it up, he smirks and stood up sidely leaning towards the door

He coughs and says "Are you searching for this Ms. Pandey"and smiles sarcastically

she hears his voice and turns back spontaneously all of a sudden, with atonished eyes

She says looking at him "TUM? TUM YAHA KAISE" *in a loud pitched voice*

He waves at her while raising his eye brows and with a satisfied smile on his lips

Tum mere ghar mai- KAISE HOW DID YOU BREAK IN??? *she breaths heavily and notices her diary in his hands* m-my my diary look give it back to me Reyansh-

Reyansh - ha ha mai - aage

She walks towards him to snatch her diary bacj from him but unfortunately she gets hurt in her leg with the sharp edge of her bed

"The fuck" she says in pain

Reyansh being heartless and comes towards her - "tch tch dhyaan se mauhtarma lag gyi kya? Aww" clumsy you sad- *dramatic voice* dikhana zara
He was abt to touch her but she removed his hand unexpectedly, though when she does this he felt her hands were burning his expressions changed from dramatic to a serious note he looks at her and she was looking down at her toe he held her hand so she pushes him away and says

"Kaha na mujhe mat chuyo smjh nhi aata tumhe?" She screams at him

You took meds? He says in a serious deep voice

"TUMHE KYA?" she again says in a high pitched voice

She takes her diary away from his hand and stoods up with the help of the corner of her bed and says

Pehle toh mere ghar mai mujhse bina puche aate ho kr fir ye ... ye jhootha concern can you stop pretending? Can you be real for once in your life time MR. AGNIHOTRY? dekho ...meri life mai already kaafi problems hai ek baar-

She stops and keeps her diary back to her drawl

Reyansh - God, i mean perfect, seriously? Do you think i came here for sake of your concern? Fake Scenerios banane ki aadat gayi nhi na aapki? Clumsy kid.

Ananya looks totally done and says - how did you break in

Reyansh tooks a step forward and shows the master key in his hand

"Master key Ms. Pandey" i own it

Ananya - you even own some of the brutual mistakes you did in past and ruin lives, tht must be your pride too?

He was pissed off and a bit angry with her words

"I am not here to listen to your illogical taunts"


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