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"Dried rose looks unalive until and unless you realise it was preserved as a memory"

(Next morning)



Ananya - umm good morning, i caught cold last night-

Divi - i told you na ki waapas chali ja ghar but no it was your choice to stay back

Ananya - i know.. aree wait Divi i forgot to tell you smth important

Divi - And what it is ?

Ananya - yk yesterday night around 12:00am cafè mai ek suspicious customer aya tha woh bhi itni baarish mai just to get one black coffee, bahot weird si vibe aa rhi thi woh- *coughs*

Divi - acha leave it bro its not a big deal hoga koi businessmen waise bhi yaha kami thodi hai ameerzaado ki pehle tu meds le apni

Ananya - aree tu sunn toh- he did payment with- black amex card for that coffee and pata hai he stated himself as Aryan and- *coughs* and reciept per usne R.R. sign kara tha

(Divi was searching for meds but then she stops)

Divi - 1 min Black amex card? You mean last night tunee-

Ananya - maine?

Divi - Ananya Devil only holds black card in Bangalore yk that dont tell me ki tunee jisse coffee serve ki thi woh devil tha

Ananya - No way c'mon D-DEVIL devil toh nyc mai hai woh- woh yaha not possible

Divi - Aaj subah ki news nhi suni? Devil is back in Bangalore after 4 years (she opens her phone and searches the latest news to show it to me)

Hearing abt him was not less than a nightmare, yes you heard me right Devil is one of the biggest businessmen accross North & South India, he is that secret name of the world that no one knows abt no one ever saw him and who ever tried to investigate abt him was either disappeared or found dead, he is a ruthless criminal in his own world
But you mjst be questioning that why i am being panicked abt it?
Remember i told you in the first chapter "I HOPE MY DEMONS FROM PAST WON'T HAUNT ME AGAIN"

Divi - oyee kaha kho gyi *screams*

Ananya - haa? Nhi- nhi kahi nhi b-bss maybe ham zada hi soch rhe hai Devil yaha nhi aayega just to get one coffee uske liye uski identity zada important hai he wont come, lets get back to work-

Divi - umm thik hai but bro, imagine if you saw devil DAMN YK I HEARD KI WOH KAAFI HANDSOME HAI bro bro kitti lucky hogi tu fir toh

Ananya - *pissed off* Divi luck is not my thing yk it well and abt him being devil and "HANDSOME"- *she cuts off*

Divi - tu ye bata woh kaisa dikhta tha

*i stopped and his head to toe noticing was flashing back in my memory* (after 2 min)

Ananya - maine ache se notice nhi kiya, tu or teri fantasies *whispers*

Divi - yrr tu bhi mtlb hdd hai

(But why do i statted concerning abt him being devil why was i overthinking abt my past and the scenerio took place last night, ofc they had no connections why do the tables keep on turning when it comes to my life, anw should i stay back today also? Maybe i will get confirmed abt my thaughts and stop overthinking- but whats the possiblity that he will come back after the news is being circulated that devil is back? So many questions and i have no answer to put on, God i am struggling alot from past 3 years i don't want any other hurdle in my life to cross over)

Divi - bro can you please stop zoning out hah? Kya overthink kar rhi ho

Ananya - Divi, life is so unpredictible

Divi - but tu hi toh kehti hai just go with the FLOWWWWW ~~~ *SMILES*

Ananya - but only ...dead fishes go- with. The flow. *says in cold dimmed voice*

Divi - WOH SAB CHORDH TU - staying back today also?

Ananya - aa...uhm haa

(At night 9:00 pm)

Divi - chal ab mai nikal rhi thik, kyunki aaj bhi mausam acha nhi hai or tu time se chali jana wapas dont play around in rain

Ananya - hmm bye dhyaan rkhna *smiles*

*divi leaves*

(Like everyday i was setting up the tables and chairs waiting for that stranger who was more than a sus person)

(After 3 hrs)

I realize that the clock was now striking at 12:00 am and it was too late even there was a thunderstorm alert well i guessed right he wont come again here for a black coffee and sus himself more. With an upset mind i close all the gates and the main channel of the cafè i look from outside to my cafè and turns the label of "open" to "close" then i look up in the sky feeling the thunder which was defining my battles and my silent fights with my own self i smiled and was walking down the stairs to reach the main road where i notice a MATT Black Mercedes- Benz standing on road side
getting wet in the rain i have a different kind of obsession with the cars and i was admiring it until and unless i realized that this is the same car as last night in which that guy came from but then i hear a voice "Is the shop closed now?"

I turned back suddenly and it was no one else but Aryan-

Ananya - y-yea its closed now-

Aryan - huhhhh.......i need coffee-

Ananya - but-

Aryan - RIGHT NOW.

Ananya - i have handed over the keys to the owner and he had already left- its not possible-

Aryan- okey, come with me

Without even letting me think once he just holds my wrist and drag me from the stairs like nothing in that rain and make me stand towards his car

Aryan - get inside

Ananya - but for what?-

*he opens the doorand glares at me*

I just sit inside- i dont wanna be dead so early he was already looking like a demon to me with that look


What was that- what was happening with her? Who was he? Why was she so concerned abt who he is ?

wait for CHAPTER 3 TO GET IT

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