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"hope my last breath is a sigh of relief."

(Reyansh's room)

Hearing those comfort words of Roohi, Ananya felt too loved, she drank the whole glass of milk not knowing its smth that will kill inside her, maybe her feelings or maybe someone's soul

"Done, finished" Ananya says while handing over the glass back to her

"Good, acha now you should change its too late already if you need some help just call me, till then i will go downstairs and complete the left over work" Roohi says while smiling at her

"Okey...take care" ananya replies

(Time skips)

Ananya was sleeping she was too tired and exhausted to even get up from the bed, last night was too rough for her she didnt even went out of her room to say a last goodbye to Aisha & Maa.
Alyth was having one more day stay in Reyansh's house just because her flight got cancelled.

"Feels like some of the shits haven't been cleansed from this house? Impressive "ananya utters to herself when she hears some sounds came from outside

She was busy concerntrating over a book she took out from Reyansh's shelf

This is what she was wearing, it was too oversized for her

This is what she was wearing, it was too oversized for her

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(Reyansh's side in his office)

(Offensive content ahead)

"I said i would catch you, whoever you were" he says to someone in his dimmed dark cabin the outside thunder was reflecting at his face when he was brutually & slowly stabbing the person infront of him, the human was bleeding to death his eyes were screaming for mercy but uttering a word would have troubled him more

"How about i scooping out your eyes with a spoon?" He whispers devilishly near to his ears

"Should have thought earlier before messing around with me." He says when he tooks up a n another knife & peels of the skin over his hands.

The man was screaming and was asking to spare him, at this point he just wanted a peaceful death no a life

Its Reyansh Rudra Agnihotri who will probably cut you into pieces for the sin you made

He says while torchering him more when the last stab on his stomach went up with a splash of his blood stains over his white shirt & a bit on face, his hands were soaked in blood while he screams "MIHIR, GET THIS ALL CLEAN UP" hearing him screaming his people entered in the cabin probably a red room for the man
He was dead, it was miserable & too traumatizing for anyone to even look at it , Reyansh cleans up his face with the tissue and washes down his hands with a smirk

(Ananya's side, Reyansh's mansion)

Ananya ended up with the book and was satisfied with the ending after a minute or 2 she realizes the sounds of the cars entering down the mansion she ran near the window to look outside and was now aware its Reyansh, being back to the mansion she looks up at the clock and realizes it was striking to 12, there was another kind of heat in the atmosphere "a weird vibe, something is wrong" she utters to herself in a low voice, she was not allowed to leave the room so she stays there with a curiosity, she sat on the bed biting her nails off, totally forgetting what she did last night in his study room

On the other hand where Reyansh was entering down in the mansion everyone including Yashi stood up in a respect where he hands over his coat with a lil blood stained, when he removed his shirt it was clearly visible the beast inside him had been awake and had already took someone's soul to Satan, everyone there looked at eachother and gulped hard, but roohi was tremandeously scared for Ananya, because whatever will happen at the end it would be her dealing with his beast & thats not easy
She called Mayank with a sign towarda her

"What happened?" She asks to Mayank in a whisper

"What will you do knowing abt it? Isn't that visible? Blood soaked shirt?" Mayank says with a whisper & went with Mihir

Reyansh was moving upstairs not to his room but to his study room to check up on his documents and ofc to have some alcohol, he opens the study room and locks himself rolling off his tongue he investigates the room with his eyes, it was again him feeling something is weird there
He goes near his desk to have a look over the papers everything was perfectly on its place but the his eyes lands on the writing pad where a piece of paper was striken off, and for what he didnt know, so he tooks up the writing pad in his hand and put it up facing opposingly to the cieling light and a word code was visible at it
He smirks, the writing was familiar and the visuals to the smirk was not of satisfaction but was of extreme anger and betrayal he closes his eyes

"Ananya, why" he says while smiling devilishly and sitting down on the chair leaning back & throwing of the writing pad he closes his eyes again tapping his fingers over the edge of the table portraying the whole scenerio of how ananya entered into the room last night and took this step to spy on him noting down his laptop's password & so on"

"Fucking told you, not to. Worst co incidence that i came across this today" he stoods up put his hands over the backside of his head which was definitely aching alot he stays quite.
Then unlocks the door of the study room and was trying to behave normal so that no one coukd recognize his current emotions

Ananya was anxious and was trying to understand that what would have happened that its taking him so long to come back into his own room before she could utter smth to herself, Reyansh slams the door hard and opens it up.
Leaning to it with a death glare on his face, she stoods up with a smile on her face but it turns to a numb reaction when her eyes fell on his shirt soaked in blood & his face went down while closing eyes, he closes the door and ananya steps toward in concern she was aware it was not his blood but someone's
She is hemophobic she was scared and shivered at that point she went closer to him and leaned her hands forward to his face to cup it but he stops her while looking down and says nothing

"Kya hua, w-what is- this" she says in a scared numb voice

"The code, my laptop's code, tried well got none" he says while looking straight into her eyes

She steps back her eyes were widen she was now known that he knew that she spied on him, she lied & lied and kept lying her steps were going backwards she was scared her breath was heavy wasnt able to process but he aggressively oves in a speed to her and held both her habds moving her back and pinning her to the bed & handcuffing her with the one they fucked with
She was trying to unlock but she was loxked with the bed's edge while he was staring at her with a glare and a brtrayed feeling, he was too close

"Stop struggling, what abt being an obedient kitten rather than a trouble maker one? Because it won't take me a second to rip ypur panties off & finger fuck you to the core. YOU ARE TRAPPED LOVE" he says in a terribly scaring voice

"Its not him ananya its not the one yk, he is not the one you are thinking off, he wonr leave you for the shit you did, you fuckin messed up" she gulps and thinks inside her mind

"Just tell me a freakin reason, for betraying me? I FUCKING KEPT YOU LIKE THE WOMAN MY WOMAN, but ig you wanna stay here like a prisoner, like a bird which is now caged, tch tch not expected but the best betrayals comes from the one you love the most, hats off to your skills lil monstress, you will get your reward for the sin soon." he says threatning her



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