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"And he looked at me, like there was something in me worth looking at"

(Reyansh's room)

Ananya was struggling to breath, she folded herself just like a worm hugging herself in her own embrace comforting her soul telling herself to be calm, her sobs were hearable
Reyansh worrying abt her outside the room

"Why she thinks that she will handle everything by herself, no matter what?" He utters to himself

"Window, yes WINDOW i should go there" he adds

He runs near the window to have a look inside whats happening, he opens the window and looks inside inquiring about her, with no time he notices her shadow reflecting on the wall, he takes a deep breath, his eyes notices moon outside the window diagonal to him

Now he knew what he has to do

"Tum thik toh ho? I know you haven't took your meds, tumhare behaviour se, it was visible that it will happen anytime, but dont worry please stop crying" he says softly

She wan't responding he was able to see her shivering hands

"Hrr galti tumhari nhi hoti zindagi kaafi choti hai Ananya, Chand toh apne zakhmo main bhi chamakta hai, ham toh fir bhi insaan hai zakhm toh hame bhi chupana aata hai" he says while staring at the moon and smiles softly

"Mai hu na"
(He utters)

Hearing his soft voice she slightly lifts her heads up and looks at him with his red teary eyes flow wasnt stopping and her sobs were getting dimmed

"Please open the door, love" he says

She stoods up and slowly walks towards the door seeing her listening to him so abruptly he went towards the door witj concern, he notices the door was half opened and the room was filled with darkness his eyes met hers, he tooks a step forward to her, she was sitting on the couch looking down at the floor with a support of her hands
He sat down on the floor to look into her water filled eyes

"Just calm down, take a deep breath i am here with you, these eyes are not meanr to cry and swell, they are meant to shine and loved"
he slides his hands in her softly she looks at him pulls him into a deep hug, she was totally shattered yet comforted with those words

"Why do you have a soft side for me" she inquires in a dimmed voice

"I dont know how to relish them in my words, better understand it with my demeanour, lil monstress"
he answers

She was relieved, her anxiety attack came to an end in his arms, she gets into her senses and maintains her distance with him

"Stay here if you dont feel to come down, its alright" he says

"Stay with me" she answers with a cold voice

"Stubborn kid? Go wash your face" He says

"I am not a kid" she answers

"Tum itna drr kyu gye the?..mai thik hu" she adds

"Jisne ek baar apna sab kuch kho chuka hai, woh waapas kabhi nhi khona chahega" he answers and looks down

"I will leave take your space, if you want something just text me instead" he says and leaves closing the door

He looks down and knew how badly her past had affected her, somewhere he was the reason as well

On the other side, ananya remembers why is she here, and controlls her emotions

"Ananya its the only way you can find out the truth, kamzor mat padh you have to anyhow break into his study room for the informations" she thinks

"Iske comforts were the same as those years, jhutha hi tha sab chala gya tha na tab bhi chordh ke, kya pata ye bhi kki game plan hi ho lol" she adds

(Author's pov)

She was insecure, he was worried
Destiny made them hate theur fate, she was again misunderstanding him, he was again believing her
Heere ko taraashne ke baad ki chamak, hamesha kayi mushkilee paar karne kee baad hi milti hai

(Reyansh down stairs)

He wasnt concerntrating over anybody but her he was worrying how she would be

Where on the other hand ananya upstairs manages to again sneek in his study room while everybody was busy and restricted to come up stairs, she knew at this time nobody will come and check up on her
She takes a deep breath and starts searching for a way to break into his laptop
She again opens the drawl and looks over the pictures he took of her for the last 4 years, she was confused and was not exoecting he would be monitoring every inch of her
She gulps, looks down the papers and the documents

"Ek min, this...document", on the last page of document she sees some of the letters and number combining

She understoods that it can be the password of his laptop as well so she notes them down on a paper and tears it out from the book, with no seconds she runs out of the room so that no one can catch her as she heard some foot steps heading upwards

"Got the pass maybe but have to decode it
"ZZIOOR" iska mtlb hi kya hoga inhe numbers main convert karna padega" she utters to herself and gets back to his room noting down the slip in her phone's notes app, and tear the slip into pieces throwing them out of the window

"Reyansh Rudra Agnihotri, just pray this time ki mujhe kuch aisa pata na lage ki main tumhe barbaad kardu kyunki pyaar toh waise hi khtm kar chuka hai" she says to herself

(Author's pov)

Digging out your own past is the bigges mistake one does when they are insecure and not ready to trust the same person again, moreover, you will again end up hurting your ownself and would regret your own instincts, Ananya & Reyansh are doing the same mistakes, hiding their emotions and letting their actions play



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