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"Lay down...i want to properly see what's mine"

(Ananya in washroom)

"Shit shit shit- what should i do? Usse puchu?" She says to herself

"Reyansh, listen !" She says while slightly looking outside the washroom's door

While Reyansh was sitting in his bathrobe reading something on his phone
"Yah?" He says while not concerntrating over her

"I - i got wet, ion have clothes-" she says in a nervous voice

While Reyansh was staring at his phone ,was reading smth and say

"Oh? Damn, you are really wet?" He looks at her smirking and moving forward to her while she was closing the door slowly for no interaction, he leans towards his closet and says "show me"

"What? NO WAY" she definitely dont want him to see her damped with water

So he takes out a black shirt from his closet, and gives it to her
"Go wear it, shaam tak your clothes will be here" and he moves away from there

She was shocked and was not expecting him to change suddenly, she takes heated water bath and changes, realizes his shirt is imminent to her knee length, so she walks out of there,
His eyes fell on her toes and he looked up just like he was scanning her, their eyes met eachother

Ananya ignores his glare, not reacting at him, starts searching for her phone but gets it no where it was kept on a shelf beside Reyansh, so to get her attention, he picks it up from there

"Give it back to me Reyansh" she tries to snatch it from him but his hands were big enough to get out of her reach
Seeing her struggling he pulls her by her waist making her hover on his body, making an intense eye contact, their bodies were lacking distance, while she bites her lips with tautness on her skin
Her body was pressed to his

"I maybe a gentleman love..but if you keep looking at me like that with the devil in your eyes, biting your lower lip...we are fucking against the nearest surface i find"
he whispers without breaking his eye contact with her

"Leave me, control yourself" she was struggling to get released from his grip but none of hers method were working

Seeing her struggling Reyansh makes her lay down on the bed

Spreading her open like a book, his fingers gently running down the pages paying attention to every single word, reading her over & over because he just can't get enough of her

She breaths heavily when he was taking his control over her unbuttoning those buttons of his own shirt she was wearing

"Trust me, you deserve to be adored and you deserve to be fucked until you cant stand up still" he says seductively while he slowly revolves his hands on her exposing skin, at each step he savored the smooth softness of her skin, he allowed his hands to roam taking in the tactile sensuality of her body, he brushed her hairs to one side tasting of her sweetness from shoulder to neck and immersing himself in her scent
She was loosing her control from herself, not knowing how to stop him when she herself was enjoying it
She notices her phone was just beside her while he was giving her hickeys & open mouth kisses

"Mr. Agnihotri, calm yourself down" she says while shivering

"Did it for 4 years, not anymore when you are this close to me" he whispers
while looking up in her eyes and then smashes his lips on hers softly making her loose her senses, passionately kissing her, cupping her cheeks from one hand & rubbing & grabbing her thighs showing his subtle display of possessiveness from another, he was irresistable and was chording how badly she wanted it too, so he takes her up making her sit on him her legs around his waist, without breaking the kiss, they both were sweating heavily, shows how much they needed eachother

But then hears a door knock and suddenly get in their senses, they both were breathing heavily

"Ghosh...interuptions" he whispers while getting angry

She moves away from him while the doors opens they didnt even processed properly and puts blanket over her half exposing body

"Oh fuck sorry sorry... i- i- just, you both continue" says mihir

"Over acting kam karo come back MIHIR" he says in frustation

Mihir - hahah... woh mujhe bss kych files dikhaani thi...sorry

"Its okey study room mai rkhdo i will see it later" Reyansh replies

"Ok- door close kardu kya?" Asks mihir

Reyansh gives him death glare and says "No but tu ja abhi, warna ye door tere muh per hi bnd hoga"

"Aree...ok thik na bhai kya mtlb daat rhe" he leaves saying it to them

Ananya was looking down and realizes what they just did, while Reyansh looks at her

"I buttoned it already, throwing blanket on my face...was not necessary Mr. Agnihotry" she says softly

"I dont want anyone to even look at your exposing body, even with grace eyes, thts mine, adoring it relishing it, are my rights" he says

"One more thing no need to leave this room until and unless your clothes are here" he adds

"Mai hamesha ke liye yaha rehne nhi aai" she says

"Babe, please you are so innocent this is my place, no one ever left it without my permission" he says glaring at her

"Oh c'mon mujhe control karne se pehle khud ko control karna sikhao, tch tch" she says sarcastically

"You were enjoying it too love, because you kissed me back, & didnt tried to stop me" he says smirking

"When i know its not possible to stop you, when you get intimate why should i- even try and waste my own energy" she makes excuses

"So inspite of wasting your energy, you decided invest it on me..that's great !! don't you?" He says while licking his lips and winking at her

She looks at him, shuts her mouth up at this point she understood he cought her intimacy towards him as well even tho she is pretending to hate him




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