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"Do you really think she was a tender flower you would trample upom and damage her very soul? She is a wildfire and she is coming to devour you whole"

"I- i am definitely not staring you" she says nervously while looking in an opposite direction so her eyes can't met his

He chuckles and was trying to look at her embarrassed face
"Then why are you embarrassed Ms. Pandey" he says

"You do feel for Don't you"
He adds

She would definitely wont accept it but deep down she just numbed her feelings, one flicker and its over, however she learn't how to control her feelings and emotions

"No" she says in a cold voice and looks up in the sky, she stoods up and asks him to drop her

He smiles and says "Ms. Pandey look behind you, its totally dark, dimmed and gloomy there, kaise jaayenge ?"

She stunns and says "kya mtlb kaise jaayenge? Arre aaye hai toh waapas toh jaayenge hi na, tumko akal nhi hai you-"

"Haa jaise mujhe toh kaafi mazaa aarha hai na ek dumb ke saath iss sunsaan jagah mai rehke?" He says

"Reyansh toh tum itne CALM KAISE REH SAKTE HO ISS SITUATION MAI" she says

"Because i am not dumb, but you are, ye duniya hai or duniya mai subah hoti hai subah chalenge abhi chillane se tumhare liye meri force lene nhi aane waali" he says

"Mai yaha tumhare saath toh nhi rukne waali" - she says

"tum na ek kaam karo apna naam THE "Reyansh Rudra Agnihotri" SE BADALKER "THE IDIOT AGNIHOTRI RKHLO"

"Chup, kitna bolti ho or ye idiot bolni ki aadat tumhari gyi nhi

But suddenly tht dizzling rain turns into heavy droplets and thunderstorms
She looks up and realizes she is getting wet all over she smiles wide and spreads her hands in the rain, on the otherhand Reyansh totally hates rain and stoods up

"Ananya, get up stop playing with rain you will fall sick" - he says

She was not paying attention to his words so he holds her hands and makes her stood up on her feet up and she looks at him while enjoying rain

"Baarish kitni relaxing hoti hai, or tum ho tumhe baarish pasand hi nhi like look at these droplets thandi thandi hawaayein" - she says

She was describing rain in the most pleasing ways she can while Reyansh was listening at her patiencely, was definitely feeling happy seeing her smile after a long period of time which maybe faded away because of him still he manages to take her to the car and asks her to sit in with him where she struggles to open it to go back in the rain

"Reyansh dekho dont make me angry mujhe baarish pasand hai yk it lemme go" - she says while trying to open the car doors which he locked himself

" are sensitive and you catch cold too early plus point you have are already sick- i dont wanna see you struggling to get some air and breath, you are already trapped and trying your best to breath in this unpredictible world, smjho....please?" He says

Her heart was aching & she licks her lips she was processing and was not expecting that he would have remembered all of them

"You do...remember?" She asks

"The art of noticing love.." he says

"I do remember every inch of yours every flaws every flaunts, your relishes your
aversion, your evidents & its shade, ...your shuddering lips, your sapped features [he gets closer to her] slippery frame of yours...makin me go insane" he says in a seductive voice

Distance between them was contracting & he wraps his hands around her neck covering her up with his leathered jacket which he kept in his car, still noticing her moments where she was looking down with no words half closed eyes and shivering body

"He touches her lips with his thumb and holds her chin softly making her look up straight into his eyes"

"I- i am sleepy..." she says and removes his hands from her chin covers herself in his jacket curls herself like a cute hamster leans towards the window of his cars looking outside to ignore his eye contacts

He nods and watches her falling asleep in that close breezy night in his car he keeps on looking at her, he definitely never had a soft corber for anybody but her because somewhere he always liked her

He was adoring her beauty, asks himself

"Pata nhi hrr baar iske saamne kyu haar jaata hu, fuck why do i fail to control my emotions infront of her, itna toh mujhe bhi pata hai ki mere se durr bhaagti hai, but jo bhi ho..she was adorable 4yrs back and she is still adorable even after 4 years, haven't changed a bit for me but changed alot for many
I hope i would have made you understand the reason behind everything i did Annya, i do always loved you as my friend but this time i'm being weird, confused and fucked up with my own emotions which is variable from the starting or its just you making me go insane and deep into my thoughts, i never spoke this much to myself or to anybody in my whole life time but you, you still confuse me"

Him thinking that she fell asleep and was not listening to whatever he was talking about to himself, innocent he dont know she was just pretending and was closing her eyes to make him stop overwhelming hismelf

"But jo bhi kaho, bahot khubsoorat ho..aap sir se paaon tak" he adds

She hears it, and covers herself in more efficient way..

She thinks

Sleep Mr. Agnihotri you are definitely high on smth



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