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  "He was her warmth, she was his peace"

(Reyansh's room)

10:30 pm

I was texting Divi, that i will be back to work from tomorrow but suddenly i hear a voice coming outside from the door & with no second the door opens

"Chal na Reyansh kitna bhav khaa rha come here" Aisha says in an excited voice and drags him towards me she was hiding smth behind her back in her hands and ananya was able to sense it.

"Kya hua Aisha?" Ananya inquired

"I have....smth for you both" she says with a smirk on her face biting her lowerlips

"What it is?" Ananya inquires again

Before i could process she suddenly cuffs my hands with a handcuff with Reyansh and locks us together

"WHAT WTF AISHA" Ananya & Reyansh screams together

"He was worried about you so i thought dono saath hi main bandh jaao or jabtak this event doesnt ends, bandhe hi rho" Aisha says while giggling

Ananya and Reyansh were fucked up and they both look at eachother with s tensed look, and Aisha Rans away

"Ab kya karna hai? Iss room main hi baithe rehna hai" Reyansh asks after sometime

"Or tumhe kya karna hai? Oh wait or tum kya hi kr sakte ho" she says while teasing him

"Stop your double meaning thoughts kid" he says

"I am not a kid anymore, I AM FREAKING 20 NOW" she says fuming in anger

"Hahah and i am 26 you will always be a kid for me." He says while looking at her

"Well..20 but still irresistable" he says while smirking at her

"Done? Now i wanna wash my face, come" she says

"No i am not coming" he says

She tries to get him up but he wasn't at last he got and agreed
So she took a deep breath in satisfaction and head towards to the washroom to wash her face

She was wiping off the excessive water with the towel and he was looking at her from the mirror leaning towards the tap

"Why you keep on staring at me" she looks and asks

"Because i own you" he answers

"No you don't" she denies

"I do" he says in a pecisious voice which she wasn't able to deny

She looks at him annoyed and was abt to  head out of there but her feet slipped off and to save her Reyansh put his another uncuffed hand over her head to save her from getting hurt  forgetting he was cuffed with her  and if he leaned he would fall with her, in the bathtub

"And thats what happened they fell, together, MAYBE FIR EACHOTHER."

He was unintentionally hovering over her slightly and they both were wet, their eyes were colliding at eachothers, forgetting every disputes between them

Before they could sense, they hear a voice outside

"Bhai, Ananya Ma'am, aap dono main se yaha hai kya koi" Mayank inquires from outside

"Aree abhi toh dono idher hi the" Aisha adds

"Main" they both accidently and panickly said it together in a loud voice & looks at eachother with regrettion

"Fuck" they whispers closing there eyes

"Uhm uhm, mayank ig we should leave, ahhh...galat time per aagye ham" Aisha says while gigglimg

" are right Aisha ma'am ...heh they are not here, but your handcuffing idea was best lets go" they giggles and leaves

"Tumhe kya zarurat thi mera copy karne ki" she says in aggression

"Copy? Seriously, main bhi bheeg gya hu or main copy karunga" he says

"Haa" ananya says fuming in anger and tries to stood up but Reyansh puts her down with his one hand they both were still together in that bathtub

Before Ananya could realize she senses him tracing his hands over her waist inside the water, his hairs were mess making him more handsome and charming,
Ananya's lips were having a soft shiver making her semi- exposed body contrast
He was adoring her somewhere was trying to seduce her with hus eyes his hand was moving upwards to her bonemarrow moreover penetrating her saree's blouse, she was stuck with the saree and was feeling highly gribbed by it she wasnt able to move her feets and was not even able to stop him, 
With his fingers he slowly a hook of it and caresses the skin round there, in the same way he opens the another three, loosing down her tightened skin there feeling how tensed her soft skin was with his move

He leans towards her while she closes her eyes out of fear, kisses her upper breast slowly towards the collarbone giving open mouth kisses all over the moist area through out there
Maybe they were wet but was abke to sense the heat in the atmosphere around them and inside them

His teeth piercing her skin around her collarbone making her moan softly and pinching his wet shirt

"What you doing to " she whispers in a heavy breathy voice

"You" he answers in a husky voice

"Marking my property, i own" he adds

Flames inside him was visible to her, his eyes were speaking wild, his moves were making her go insane

He touches her lips with his thumb and rubs the lower lip

"You don't know, my eyes were on you from the moment when you started hooking up your blouse, after all i'm the only one who will and who is unhooking it" he growls

"You will regret it later onwards, i know it" she says

"I would have regretted it if i would have been high on alcohol, but tumhe bhi pata hai main jo kar rha hu hosh main kar rha hu & i know i wont regret it" he answers

He gets closer to her embrace, continues sucking her neck, bites her ear lobes softly




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